Repair Your Garage Door Cables Before They Break

One of the most crucial components of your garage door system is the cables. Garage door cables are the wires of twisted galvanized steel strands that work together with the springs to support the weight of the garage door. These cables are really good at what they do, that is until they break. Unfortunately, many homeowners forgo replacing their cables before they break. However, spotting the signs that your cables are failing and having them repaired or replaced before they break can save you time and money on emergency repairs.

To move your heavy garage door up and down, your door uses a massive tensioned spring and pulley system. The garage door cables connect the door to the pulley drums, allowing the spring tension energy to raise and lower the door. Every time you open or close your garage door, they connect and move. This indicates that they are one of the most frequently repaired parts. Fortunately, there are some telltale symptoms that can help you figure out if garage door cable repair is required.

Faulty Bearings

The bearings through which your garage door cables travel can wear out over time. If this happens, your cables will be subjected to significant wear and tear. You can spot this issue in a number of ways. For example, you may hear the bearings making grating or screeching sounds when the door is moving. Another obvious sign is fraying or visible wear on the cables themselves. You might also notice a faint odor of burning. These are all signs of a faulty bearing.

Misaligned door

It could be a clue that there is a problem with the cables if your door is out of alignment. A misaligned door will have problems opening and closing. Instead of moving smoothly as it normally does, your door may begin to jerk as it operates. You may also notice scraping if the door is off track and striking other materials.

Loud, banging sound

If you hear a loud sound akin to a gunshot coming from your garage, it could be that your garage door spring or cable has snapped. The spring that connects the garage door wires is under a lot of strain, and it will make a loud bang sound when it breaks. If you hear a noise like that and do not know what it means, you should contact a garage door cable repair specialist.

Falling cables

If you find your wires are hanging down around the door or the tension is loose, there is a problem with the cables. They should not be dangling or loose. You can check to see if they are still connected to the drums they wind around. Do not attempt to move your garage door if they have fallen off! For garage door repair, you need to contact a residential garage door repair professional.

Garage Door Malfunction

If your garage door is not moving or is moving in an inconsistent manner, the cables need to be replaced. Your garage door may occasionally move too quickly or too slowly. Those are both signals that something needs to be fixed. Stop using your garage door right away if you notice a problem. Continuing to use it when it is broken could be risky.

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