Signs Your Garage Door Safety Sensors Need Repair

Safety sensors are quite commonplace. This is because, in the US, it has been federal law since 1993 to have some type of safety system that will stop the garage door if something gets in the way. When your garage door detects an obstacle, these sensors allow it to automatically reverse. Since garage door safety sensors are critical for security, it is equally critical to keep an eye on them for symptoms of wear and tear. If the safety sensors on your garage door are not working properly, they will not be able to protect you from potentially dangerous situations. Learn about these four warning signs that indicate when it is time to replace your garage door safety sensors.

The garage door opener light is flashing

Malfunctioning garage door safety sensors are one of the common culprits behind a garage door that will not close. You will be alerted of sensors not working properly by the garage door not going down when you press the remote or wall controller and the garage door opener light flashing ten times. Those ten flashes indicate an issue with your safety sensors.

The transmitter sensor’s amber light is off

The transmitter sensor unit (the sensor that sends the signal out) has an amber light that indicates if it is getting power. If the unit is getting power, the amber light should always be on. Even if the sensors are misaligned and are not completing the signal, the amber light should still be on. If the amber light is not on, the unit probably has problems with the wiring.

The door will not fully close

You have probably experienced your door starting to close, but then stopping and opening again. The number one reason for this is that the sensor perceives something in its path as a hazard. It will stop the door from shutting until the problem is fixed or the object is moved. When the garage door does not fully lower or close even if nothing is obstructing its way, this is another clue that the sensors may need to be repaired.

A door closes despite the presence of an obstacle

A door that closes regardless of who or what is obstructing it is a symptom of a sensor failure. Instead of sensing you walking or driving under the door, the sensor perceives the space as free and clear, allowing the door to close. The door may not even halt despite hitting the roof of your vehicle or your head. This could indicate that your sensors need to be replaced. Only a professional garage door technician can figure out what is wrong with your garage door sensors and make the necessary repairs so you can feel safe again.

Reasons why safety sensors go bad

When dirt or spiderwebs obscure the sensor lenses’ view of the garage door opening, they may fail to function. Cleaning the lenses will allow your door to function normally. If your garage is particularly filthy or your street is notorious for dust, you should clean your sensors regularly.

The wires that connect the garage door sensor system might deteriorate over time due to constant use, weather, and even pests. You may need to replace the sensors if they show signs of deterioration, such as water damage or gnaw marks.

Garage door repair service from Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities

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