Why Install New Weather Stripping on Your Garage Door?

Have you noticed that water leaks into your garage door whenever it rains? If your garage door is relatively new, the problem is its weatherstripping that has gone bad. Weatherstripping can wear out over time, like other parts of your garage door. A leaking garage door seal is more than just a nuisance. If your garage door weather stripping has deteriorated, it is just a matter of time before you notice other issues, such as internal water damage, mold, mildew, and rust. Replacing them ensures that your garage door continues to perform as intended. Additionally, the advantages of replacing garage door seals extend beyond the garage door itself.

What Is Weatherstripping?

The weatherstripping on your garage door is the rubber material on the bottom and sides of the door. Garage doors have weatherstripping added to form a seal against rainwater, mud, and other debris. Various garage door weather stripping trims are available. What kind of weatherstripping you should purchase may depend on the type of door you have. There are also brand-name garage doors that use specific types of seals that are exclusive to their doors. You can contact a garage door installation provider to see what options they have for you.

Benefits of  Garage Door Weatherstripping


Garage Door Weatherstripping Protects Your Garage From Water Damage

Water damage is an expensive hassle to fix. Your garage door is your home’s largest opening and a weak spot, especially if it is not properly sealed. As a result, leaks can come along the sides and underneath the garage door. Weatherstripping can keep rain and water out when placed and used properly. It helps prevent flooding inside your garage during heavy rain. However, garage door bottom seals naturally wear over time. Therefore, torn or compressed weather stripping may no longer offer a watertight seal between the door and the concrete floor. Replacing the weather seals on your garage door will help you avoid being caught in the wake of significant flooding.


Garage Door Weatherstripping Helps Save Energy and Money.

Is your garage door costing you money? Leaks in your garage door can raise your power bills by wasting energy. Cool drafts can also seep in, making your air conditioner or heater work harder and costing you even more money. Retrofitting your garage door with new weatherstripping and adequate insulation can help reduce your heating and cooling expenditures. Not to mention, making your garage more energy efficient also reduces greenhouse gas emissions – which is good for the environment. So save money and help the planet by ensuring your garage door is properly sealed and insulated.

Weatherstripping Increases Comfort Inside Your Garage.

In addition to parking your car, you can use the space in your garage for other purposes. Internal conditions must be comfortable when your garage is utilized for lengthy periods for recreation or other functions. Weatherstripping its door can improve comfort if you use your garage to store belongings, do your hobbies, or work out. Regulating the temperature gets easier if air does not seep in and out of the garage. Proper weatherstripping helps to the ideal temperature in your garage. Weatherstripping also reduces noise from outside and prevents pollen, dust, and insects (or pests) from entering your garage.

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