Is It Safe to Do Your Own Garage Door Repair? Thanks to the many do-it-yourself videos that proliferate the internet, you can learn how to do just about anything, including home repairs. As a result, many households are doing repairs themselves, from repairing simple car issues to fixing a leaky faucet.
But what about
garage door repair

Many homeowners are confident of their ability to do their garage door repair and maintenance, but should they be? Two considerations are crucial when deciding whether to DIY a garage door repair or hire a pro; first, if it is safe, and second, if it is cost-effective. Let us take a look at both.

Is It Safe to Do Your Own Garage Door Repair?


Unfortunately, the answer is yes. However, it is crucial to remember that if they are not repaired correctly, they may be dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of injuries are reported yearly due to DIY garage door repair.

One of the dangers of working on a faulty garage door is that you may fall off the ladder. You run the risk of falling and getting injured when trying to balance a damage garage door into its right position. Ladder falls are a serious safety risk, especially if working alone.

Spring is a common feature of garage doors, a component that aids the door’s balance and facilitates its operation. Without the proper tools or knowledge, attempting a repair could be risky. The spring may wind up if the door closes with a great deal of force. Unsafe spring release might result in serious injury.

Garage doors are heavy and should be handled carefully. One wrong move when loosening a fastener could cause a massive garage door to come crashing down. It is best to delegate garage door maintenance and repairs to skilled and qualified experts. They can safely handle garage doors because they have the experience and knowledge. 

DIY Garage Door Repair Can Cost More than Hiring a Pro

There is a lot more to garage doors than meets the eye. They are intricate systems that require years to master. No matter how many hours you spend studying instructions or watching video tutorials, one mistake could turn a cheap repair into an expensive replacement.

For example, if you try to fix a broken garage door opener by fiddling with the gears, you risk permanently damaging them. It may even require replacing the whole gearbox, which will be far more expensive than the first repair. 

Furthermore, you could cause some serious damage to your car if you were to drop a 100-pound garage door on the hood, windshield, or roof. You would end up spending much more money on car bodywork, glass replacement, and paint repairs than on simply fixing the door correctly in the first place.

Moreover, your garage door is a valuable investment that likely came with a warranty. Tampering with the door in any way, shape, or form (including unprofessional repairs) can void that warranty instantly. That is another good reason to go for a professional garage door service.

Garage Door Repair near Me

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