Extreme weather can damage your garage doors, from heavy snow and ice to high heat. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the damage that bad weather can do to your home. Extreme weather is especially dangerous for things like garage doors. Fortunately, you can keep your garage door safe from the weather and in good condition all year. In this feature, we will show you how so that when bad weather comes, you can have peace of mind.

How to Keep Garage Doors Safe From Extreme Weather

Bracing and Securing Garage Doors

Garage doors should have either active or passive reinforcement systems. Active systems are reinforcements you must put in place before a high-wind event. Passive systems are built into the product. The best way to fix weak doors is to replace them with better ones that meet building codes. If this cannot be done, there are ways to strengthen the door.

You can use steel or wood to add to an existing bracing system. You can purchase brace kits at many building or home improvement stores or order them online. Call a local garage door service if you need help installing a steel or wood door bracing kit. These kits will keep strong winds from damaging your door’s frame, moving parts, and garage door panels.

A garage door with a bracing system

Protecting the Garage From Flooding

Like any other building, your garage could get water damage during floods. In addition, the flood could damage parts of your garage door, such as the track and the photo-eye sensor. So, how do you prevent floods from damaging your garage door?

Make sure that the space between the garage door and the floor is not big enough for water to get underneath the door. Also, ensure that there is weather stripping around the door and at the bottom of the door. If the garage door weatherstripping is broken or has come loose from the door, replace it. 

Put a flood barrier against the bottom of the door to protect the weatherstripping from floodwater. Also, putting sandbags around the garage can keep it from getting flooded for a short time. Sandbags are especially important for closing the space between the floor and the garage door’s bottom.

Replacing Garage Doors With More Robust Ones

Many people have garage doors that are not strong enough to withstand strong winds during a storm. As a result, the doors can buckle or bend, making them dangerous to open or close. A steel door with extra support will likely hold up in bad weather.

A professional installer will be able to assess your current door and provide detailed advice based on local weather conditions and building codes. They can also suggest options designed with reinforced frames and construction to protect against heavy weather conditions. With their expertise, you can select a reliable, long-lasting garage door.

A house with new and reinforced garage doors

Protecting Garage Doors From the Extremes of Weather

Protecting your garage door from extreme weather conditions is essential for maintaining its functionality and longevity. Consult our garage door experts to find out how to strengthen your garage and where the weak spots are. Then, with careful maintenance and proactive planning, you can protect your garage door from the impacts of extreme weather and enjoy it for years to come.

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