It is a cold morning, and you are rushing off to work, but your garage door will not open when you press the remote or wall control. It is a familiar scenario in many homes with a garage. There are a lot of possible causes for a stuck garage door. Many of these issues can be fixed easily by the homeowner. Yet, in some other cases, you may need a garage door repair service. So, what could cause the problem?

There are many reasons why your garage door might not be working properly. It could be an issue with the power source, emergency cord, remote or wall unit, eye sensor, door off track, broken or loose chain, locked door, or blocked door. This blog will discuss the cause of this problem in detail and offer solutions to the problem.


Check The Power Source 

When a garage door opener fails to open, you should check whether it is properly plugged into an electrical outlet. Some people mistakenly unplug their opener from the power source, so double-check that it is plugged in. Also, check that the outlet is working by plugging in another device. Finally, you may need to check other more complex parts like the fuse, circuit breaker, and GFCI.

Garage Door Emergency cord

In a garage, an emergency cord is a rope hanging from the trolley. This cord is used to disconnect the carriage from the trolley in an emergency. It is always red, has a handle, and dangles from the ceiling. You can lift the garage manually after pulling this cord.

Use caution when using the emergency cord to release a stuck garage door. If the door is open when the cord is pulled, it can fall and sustain harm. It can happen if you have a broken door spring.

Dead Batteries

Another potential reason why your garage door might not be opening is dead batteries. For example, if Your remote control is not working, the batteries may need to be replaced. Another reason could be that the lock button on your wall control unit (sometimes called the vacation button) is engaged, preventing the door from being opened or closed. 

Eye Sensor

Most garage doors today are equipped with sensors as a safety measure. These sensors, located on either side of the door, are called “eye sensors” or “photo eyes.” Their primary purpose is to maintain visual contact with each other; when this contact is broken, it signals the  door to stop.

The safety feature of sensors prevents the door from closing on a person or vehicle. However, the garage door opener gets stuck when the sensor malfunctions. Usually, the sensor will have a blinking light to indicate that it needs adjustment. In addition, there may be an obstruction on the door path. Consequently, you will need  door repair services.

Garage Door Off Track

Maintaining your garage door is important to keep it functioning properly. Sometimes, a misaligned door can cause it to come off the track. While there is no easy fix, calling a professional repair service is the best solution. Trying to fix it yourself is not recommended, no matter how handy you are.

Broken or Loose Chain

A chain usually drives the trolley that pulls the door open and shut. The chain must be regularly serviced and well-maintained to keep the door working properly. A broken or loose chain can cause the door to get stuck. It is a repair job that should be left to an expert.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

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