Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Size for Your Needs

Size is just as important as looks when choosing the right garage door. A door not the right size can cause many problems, from minor annoyances to extra costs. This blog will show you how to choose the right garage door size for your needs.

Why Garage Door Size Is Important

Size matters for several reasons:

  1. Functionality: You need enough space in the garage to park your car (s) and move around easily.
  2. Aesthetics: If you have the wrong door size, it can completely ruin the look of your home.
  3. Energy efficiency: A door that fits well is necessary for better protection and energy-saving.

The Most Common Garage Door Size

When choosing a garage door, knowing the most common sizes can help you make a better choice. Here are some common, standard garage door sizes:

Single Garage Door Size

These are great for garages with just one car, and they can also work for smaller utility cars.

  • 8 feet wide x 7 feet high
  • 9 feet wide x 7 feet high
  • 10 feet wide x 7 feet high

Double Garage Door Size

These sizes are best suited for double-car garages because they can fit two cars side by side.

  • 12 feet wide x 7 feet high
  • 14 feet wide x 7 feet high
  • 16 feet wide x 7 feet high
  • 18 feet wide x 7 feet high

RV and Boat Garage Door Size

These sizes can accommodate larger vehicles such as RVs, boats, or trailers and provide extra height and width for ease of entry and exit.

  • 16 feet wide x 8 feet high
  • 18 feet wide x 8 feet high

Commercial Garage Door Size

It is important to note that these sizes are standard and generally available, but if you have specific needs that do not fit these garage door dimensions, you can order custom sizes.

  • It varies widely based on business needs and can go up to 32 feet wide and 24 feet high.

Remember: Always measure your garage and talk to experts to ensure you choose the right size for your needs.

Choosing a Garage Door Size: Things to Think About

Size of Vehicle

First, measure your car, truck, or other vehicle that you have. See whether there is enough room around the car to get in and out easily.

Storage Needs

Think about what you might need to store. Do you need more space around the house for outdoor tools, bikes, or other things?

Design Consistency

Make sure the size of the door matches the style of your home’s design.

Local Building Codes

It is important to check the local building codes, as some places have restrictions on residential garage door sizes.

Future Plans

Think ahead of the things you might need, like more cars or storage space.

How to Get the Right Size for a New Garage Door

The process of measuring your garage is a crucial step in choosing the right garage door size. With accurate measurements, you ensure the door will fit well, work easily, and look good in your home. Here is an easy guide on how to measure for a new garage door:

Tools Needed:

  • tape measure
  • ladder 
  • notebook and pen 
  • level (optional)

Step-by-Step Guide

Measure the Width

  1. Extend the tape measure across the width of the garage door opening from one side to the other.
  2. Measure at the widest point to account for any irregularities or unevenness in the walls.
  3. Record the measurement.

Measure the Height

  1. Place the tape measure at the left or right side of the bottom of the garage opening.
  2. Extend it upwards to the top of the opening.
  3. Measure from the floor to the highest point of the opening.
  4. Record the measurement.

Measure the Depth

  1. Start your tape measure at the garage door opening and extend it into the garage.
  2. Measure the distance from the opening to the farthest wall or any obstruction, like shelves or workbenches.
  3. Record the measurement.

Additional Measurements

  • Side Room: Measure the distance from the opening of each side of the garage door to the closest wall or obstruction. It makes sure the door tracks have enough room.
  • Headroom: Measure the distance between the top of the garage door opening and the ceiling or the lowest thing on the ceiling. It needs to be done so that the door can open easily.
  • Backroom: If your garage goes past the height of your door, measure how far back it goes. This way, you will see that the door has enough room when you open or close it.

Tips for Accurate Measuring

  1. Double-check: Always double-check your numbers to make sure they are correct.
  2. Round-Up: If your measures fall between standard sizes, it is best to round up to the closest standard size.
  3. Consult a Professional: If you need help getting the exact measurements, talk to our Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities experts.

Whether you need a standard garage door, a large garage door, or something in between, you can get the right size by following these instructions.


There is more to choosing the right garage door size than just getting your car in. It can improve your home’s curb appeal, insulation, and energy savings. With improved insulation, you can prevent energy loss because of drafts. 

The process may seem easy, but small errors or forgetting things like storage needs or local building rules can lead to unpleasant and costly mistakes. And that is where the skills of professionals come in. A professional garage door installer can be very helpful. They can help you get the best garage door dimensions and expert advice, whether you want a standard garage door or one with custom specifications.

Garage Door Supplier Near Me

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So, do not leave such an important choice up to chance. Instead, talk to the seasoned experts at Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. Let us improve both the way your home works and the way it looks today. Call us now for free estimates.

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