Garage Door Sensors: Their Importance and Function

Garage door sensors are the unsung heroes of modern garage door systems. They add a crucial layer of safety and security for homeowners and their families. These smart devices work hard behind the scenes to ensure your garage door works easily and keeps you safe from accidents and break-ins. In this blog, let us talk about what garage opener sensors are and how they work. We will also explain why they are important parts of any safe garage door system.

The Role of Sensors on Garage Doors in Improving Safety

Obstacle Detection

The garage door’s path is carefully marked with garage door sensors, such as photoelectric or infrared sensors. They constantly send a beam to sense obstructions in the door’s path. If the beam breaks while the door closes, the sensors tell the garage door opener to reverse the door’s direction. That prevents the door from hitting people, pets, and things when it closes.

Automatic Reversal

Automatic reverse is one of the most important security features of a sensor. When the door closes and hits something, the sensors tell the garage door opener to reverse the door’s direction quickly. This quick reversal keeps accidents and injuries from happening by keeping the door from coming into direct contact with anything in its way.

Protecting Children and Pets

Garage door sensors are especially important to keep kids and pets safe since they might not realize how dangerous a moving garage door can be. The sensors work as a safety feature, ensuring that if a child or pet walks in front of the door while it is closing, the door will automatically turn back, lowering the risk of injury.

Protecting Children and Pets

Monitoring Door Position

Some garage door sensors can always check the door’s position. This feature ensures the door is completely shut before the sensors stop working. That keeps the door from opening on its own or letting in intruders.

What Are the Different Kinds of Sensors for Garage Door

There are many different types of garage door sensors, and each one has a different purpose. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric or “photo eyes” are the most common sensors used in garage door systems. They consist of two units installed on the two sides of the garage door near the floor. One unit sends an infrared beam to the other unit, making an invisible beam across the door’s path. When an object, person, or pet blocks the beam, the sensors start the door’s automatic reversal system. That keeps the door from closing and prevents accidents.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure, contact, or floor sensors are installed on the garage floor along the door’s path. When an object or obstacle comes into contact with them, they can feel changes in pressure. If the sensors detect pressure, they signal the garage door opener to stop or reverse its movement. That keeps the door from closing on the object.

Infrared Safety Beams

Photoelectric devices and infrared safety beams are similar but made differently. Instead of using a single infrared beam, they use sensors on each side of the door, a few inches above the ground. When the beam between the sensors breaks, the door opener gets a signal to stop or reverse the door’s movement.

Infrared Safety Beams

Check Your Garage Door Opener Sensors Regularly

Garage door sensors are important parts of a system that keeps your garage door safe and secure. Their auto-reverse feature and ability to sense obstacles and keep track of the door’s position keep accidents from happening and protect people and property. Homeowners should check the sensors to ensure they function properly as part of the regular garage door maintenance routine. It will ensure the benefits the sensors provide. If you are experiencing any issues with your garage door sensor, we recommend that you inform your trusted garage doors and repair professionals for safety reasons.

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