Garage Door Spring Wires: Which Type Is for You?

Did you know that garage door spring wires come in different types? Well, they do. There are several different types of springs, and they all function differently. Therefore, if you want to fix your garage door without any trouble, you need to know which one is right for you. Do you need a garage door spring replacement, or are you planning to have a new garage door? Then this post is a must-read for you.

Which Type of Garage Door Spring Wires Is Right for You?

The market offers three types of garage door springs: oil-tempered, powder-coated, and galvanized. While all three work for the same purpose, they are all different from one another in significant ways. So let us look over them closely so you can decide which type is for you.


Oil-Tempered Garage Door Spring Wires

An oil-tempered wire spring is one type of spring commonly used for garage doors and other mechanical applications. As the name suggests, this spring type is treated with a special process that involves adding oils. One way to distinguish an oil-tempered wire spring from other torsion springs is by its blackish color.

Oil-tempered springs are a specific type of torsion spring known for their longevity. These springs are made of carbon steel wire treated with heat and then cooled to increase strength. This process helps to make the spring stronger and more resistant to premature wear. 

The following reasons explain why oil-tempered springs are a good choice:


The most important reason for choosing an oil-tempered spring is its durability. These springs can last long due to the oil’s lubricating qualities, which helps maintain the coiling action.

Resistant to corrosion

Another advantage of oil-tempered wire springs is that they are resistant to rust. Furthermore, the oil’s lubricating properties help keep the spring in good condition and prevent it from wearing down over time.

Quiet Operation

People sensitive to spring-metal sounds can benefit a lot from using oil-tempered springs. These springs do not make the creaking noises that other types of torsion springs do. So they can make a huge difference in the overall comfort level.

Less Maintenance Requirement

Oil-tempered springs are designed to last for many years with minimal adjustments needed.

Powder-Coated Garage Door Spring Wires

The production of powder-coated springs involves a unique process that uses paint to coat the wires and electrical bonding to seal the coat. Thus, creating a spring that is both strong and resistant to corrosion.

Powder-coated springs are a great choice for a variety of applications. They are often used in homes built within the past few decades but can also be found in older homes. Even though the coating is not completely foolproof, you can expect springs of this type to last for a reasonable amount of time.

There are many reasons why powder-coated torsion springs are popular among manufacturers, including:

Visual Appeal

As with other types of springs, powder-coated springs look better than oil-tempered springs. That is largely a matter of opinion and depends on the user’s or homeowner’s preference.

Resistance to Moisture

Wire springs that have been powder-coated are generally resistant to moisture and therefore do not rust easily. That means they can last and withstand up to 10,000 or even 20,000 cycles.

No Oil Residue

These springs do not use oil in their production, meaning they will never leave behind an oily residue. That can be helpful during installation as they can only be clean and grease-free.  

Galvanized Spring Wires

Wire springs that have been galvanized are made using the same type of steel wire as oil-tempered springs. The process of creating them begins with putting the wire through a series of dies, and once the desired length and thickness have been achieved, the wire is dipped in hot zinc. That gives it a protective layer that makes it resistant to rust or moisture.

Galvanized Spring Wires

These springs are a popular choice among homeowners because of the several benefits they offer, including:

Aesthetic Appeal

Some people choose galvanized wire springs because they prefer the more polished look of clean silver. These springs have a silvery steel appearance, while oil-tempered wire springs appear darker.

No Grease Buildup

Galvanized wire springs are made without the use of oil, so there is no oily residue on the coils. They are advantageous over oil-tempered wires, which sometimes leave an oily film on adjacent parts.

Corrosion Resistance

Oil-tempered springs can get rusty over time. Galvanized wire springs, however, have a zinc coating that makes them corrosion-resistant. Additionally, the zinc protection of galvanized wires seals them from moisture. Thus, making them a better choice for applications where moisture is a concern.

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