Our skilled team at Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities recently completed a critical garage door cable replacement project in East Moline, IL. A homeowner faced a major issue when one of their garage door cables broke. It made the garage door unusable and posed a safety risk. Our team stepped in to replace both cables and made sure the garage door worked with ease and safety. 

Scope of the Garage Door Cable Replacement


The problem started with a broken cable, which is necessary for the garage door to work. The breakage left the door useless and unsafe, requiring immediate action.

Our Solution to the Problem

Our skilled techs got to work right away and replaced both garage door cables to fix the issue at hand and keep it from happening again. With this method, we restored the garage door to its perfect balance and ensured it was working properly again.

Project Outcome

The careful replacement of the cables brought the garage door back to optimal running condition. The homeowner now enjoys a safe and fully functional garage door, thanks to the efficient and skillful work of our team.

On this repair job, Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities showed how committed we are to offering fast and dependable service in East Moline, IL. This garage door cable replacement project proved this commitment to fixing any garage door issues. We also promise to make sure your garage door will work and keep you safe all the time.

Why Do Garage Cables Break?

There are some reasons garage door cables can break. Usually, it is because of normal wear and tear or situations that make the fraying worse. These are some of the main reasons:

Age and Wear

Over time, the repeated movement of the garage door through opening and closing cycles can cause the cables to wear out. The stress and strain on the cables can lead to fraying and eventual breakage.


Cables can become corroded, especially in environments with high moisture or the use of road salts that can enter the garage. Corrosion makes the metal weak, making it more prone to snapping.

Improper Tension

If not correctly tensioned, the cables can become too loose or too tight. This improper tension can cause the cables to wear unevenly and eventually break. To make sure cables are on the right tension, they need to be serviced regularly.

Poor Maintenance

Lack of regular upkeep can lead to cable breakage. The parts of the garage door system, including cables, need regular inspection. They also need lubrication to stay in good condition and work well.


Misaligned garage door tracks can cause unbalanced weight distribution and tension in the cables. This misalignment puts more stress on the cables, which could cause them to break or wear out faster.

Quality of Materials

Garage door cables’ durability and lifespan depend on their material quality. Low-quality cables are more prone to deterioration and, thus, more likely to break.

Remember, you can address these issues through regular maintenance and prompt repairs of related components (like springs and tracks). You should also ensure proper installation and tensioning. That way, you can reduce the risk of garage door cable breakage.

Struggling with a faulty garage door cable? Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is here to help! Our expert team specializes in complete garage door repairs, offering fast response times and lasting results. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction, employing only the finest materials and the latest repair techniques. Let us bring our commitment to excellence to your doorstep. Contact us and let our experts prove why we are the top choice for garage door services in the region.


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