Garage Door Installation Rock Island

Garage Door Installation Rock Island

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This client in Rock Island, IL, recently remodeled their house, including their old two-car garage. They have had it for years, so it is drafty and ugly. No matter how much they try to block the gaps, cold air still seeps through all the cracks, driving up their energy bills. So when they called us, we knew they needed a solution to keep the heat and cold out. That is why we recommended that they have an insulated garage door installed. The homeowner agreed as they learned the many benefits of having one. This new garage door is designed to be weather-tight and strong so that they can be sure of a secure seal. Plus, its insulation will help reduce their energy bills and make their garage more comfortable. A month after the garage door installation, they confirmed that their garage became warmer and protected from the elements. Now, they never have to worry about energy efficiency or comfort again. Thanks to Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities, they can finally have peace of mind knowing their garage will stay warm all year.

You know that feeling when you return home from a long day and just want to relax in your garage? But it is blistering cold outside, and now you are dealing with an old, noisy garage door that cannot keep out the chill. Worst of all, it is so drafty that you end up with a leaky roof in no time at all. But there is hope. With an insulated garage door installed, you will no longer have to worry about that.

What Advantages Do Insulated Garage Doors Offer?

Garage doors with insulation are stronger.

Insulated garage doors are made to be extra strong and durable. They use a steel or aluminum frame filled with insulation and covered with steel panels. This makes them super tough and resistant to dents from cars, items in the garage, or even kids' toys. That's why an insulated garage door is a great choice for any home or business.

Insulated garage doors are quieter.

If you have a room near your garage, you might be tired of hearing noise from the garage door. Insulated garage doors can help because they are more tightly constructed. They dampen vibrations and weigh more so they do not jolt on the track. These features are what make them way quieter than other types of doors!

A warmer garage is more practical.

If you want to use your garage regularly or keep it warm, you must ensure it is energy-efficient. Garages lose more heat than the rest of your home because they do not have as much insulation. Most garages usually have big gaps in the door frame and foundation. Good thing you can seal those gaps with caulking or insulation. A weather-stripping kit for the entrances and windows can also be purchased to prevent heat loss. Yet, the best thing you can do is to call for a garage door expert. That way, you will stay cozy in your garage!

Save energy costs from garage door insulation.

Your garage might be overlooked when it comes to saving energy. That is because garages are not always considered part of the house, so they do not have the same insulation standards as other rooms. It means much cold air is let in and out, which can drive up your energy bill. Insulating your garage is an effective way to save energy and ensure your entire home is warm!

Garage Door Installation Near Me

Are you tired of opening your garage door and seeing the elements seep in? With Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities, that is a problem of the past. Our insulated garage doors are designed to keep the weather and noise out. Consider a garage door replacement to enjoy a comfortable living space with less sound any time of the day. We offer durable and attractive custom garage doors in various sizes and styles. They come with the added benefit of a service warranty backed by our expertise and experience. So do not let the weather ruin your day—call Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities today!

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