Garage Door Maintenance Bettendorf, IA

Garage Door Maintenance Bettendorf, IA

Project Description

Due to garage door issues, a client from Bettendorf, IA, called Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. The door had become difficult and noisy to open. So they ended up calling us to see if we could fix it. Too bad when our technicians came, we saw that the vertical tracks were bent and out of alignment. Even more, the tracks looked extremely damaged by water and moisture, which resulted in the spread of rust. When asked when they last had it serviced, they do not recall when. So we advised performing a garage door tune-up. They agreed, and we went to work right away. We started by cleaning the tracks and the panels. Then, we lubricated all the moving parts, including the rollers, hinges, and springs. Then, we tested the garage door opener for any running issues. When everything was checked, we advised the client to consider replacing the tracks and the panels for a trouble-free operation.

Your garage door is a vital element of your home security system. Once it stops functioning, however, it can be a real pain to get it working again. You will want to call an expert for a professional garage door maintenance service to fix it as soon as you see minor issues. Rest assured, Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities are here to help you with any problem with your garage door.

How Often Do Garage Doors Need Maintenance?

You should get your garage door checked by a professional twice a year. Doing this ensures that your garage door will function properly year long. Schedule one of these tune-ups in the fall to fix any potential problems before the cold winter temperatures and snow arrive. The other garage door tune-up should happen in early spring after the temperature and moisture levels have changed.

What Are Included in Garage Door Maintenance Checks

Replace Rollers and Hinges

Rollers and hinges could break at any point and cause the door to malfunction. So always replace the rollers and hinges when they are splintering or broken. First, check for corrosion, as this can make them unsafe to use. Then, replace these parts once a year to ensure your door performs safely (and stylishly) for years.

Check the Door Balance

One way to tell that your garage door is unbalanced is if you notice it is moving up and down when only part-way open. When that happens, it is a sign that the torsion must be adjusted. In addition, springs are known to break when they get old or during cold winter temperatures. Therefore, it is best to request the help of a professional repair technician as soon as possible.

Lubricate Garage Door Hardware

If your garage door squeaks whenever you open or close it, what could be the cause? That implies that it needs lubrication. The best way to keep your garage door in top shape is to lubricate it regularly. First, lubricate all the metal moving parts with a non-greasy, non-silicone-based lubricant. Next, do not forget to open the motor and lubricate the nylon parts—especially the drive gear. Finally, pay special attention to hinges, rollers, and springs, especially during winter. Note that these garage door parts require more lubrication during cold months.

Change the Weather Seals

The garage door's weather and bottom seals are important in insulating the space well. Over time, though, these seals can become worn or shrunken, leaving gaps for air and light to enter. That can also be a reason for increased energy costs and a security concern. Thus, replacing your garage door's seals is important to keep the air and the elements out. 

Garage Door Maintenance Near Me

Whether you need a tune-up or a completely new system, we can handle your garage door needs. Whatever you have in mind, we can handle it! At Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities, we offer garage door maintenance and repair services to ensure your family's safety and comfort. Our team of experts can tune up your garage door to operate as efficiently as possible. By doing this, you can save money on your energy bill and not have to worry about replacing your entire door soon. So call us today or visit our website to book a tune-up service and fill out an online request form.



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