A homeowner in Moline, Illinois, had a troublesome garage door. It was a struggle every time they tried to open or close it. It also moved slowly and sometimes stopped halfway through. They called Titan Garage Door Quad Cities for professional help. We got there fast and inspected the garage door system and its parts. It did not take us long to figure out what was wrong. The manual adjustment screws of the opener’s travel limits were stripped and loose. With our well-stocked service van, we had a replacement ready at once. Then we removed the old, worn-out screws, ensuring no more damage was done. We carefully put the new screws in and set the limits so the door would know when to stop going up and down. After this quick repair, we tested the garage door to ensure it worked well and smoothly. Our client was relieved that their garage door was working perfectly again, without any more jerks or delays. Impressed with our professional and detailed job, they thanked us for our prompt response and expert garage door opener repair service. 

Are you having trouble with your screw drive opener? Do not worry, as it can happen to anyone. The cause might be something simple that you can look into. Yet, sometimes, you might need special help from a professional. Regardless of model and brand, your screw-type door openers have their troubles like any other type. Let us take a look at a few common problems below.

The Common Issues With Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive type of garage door openers are popular because they are simple and reliable. However, like all other types, they can still have some problems. Here are some issues their users often have:

Noisy operation 

Noise is one of the most typical complaints about screw drive openers. It can happen if the screw or other working parts are worn or not well-oiled. Using a garage door opener lubricant regularly can help reduce noise and ensure the door opens and closes smoothly.

Stuck or binding issue

Screw drive openers depend on a threaded metal rod to move the garage door up and down. Over time, dirt, dust, or a lack of lubricant can make the screw bind or stick. They are making it hard or impossible to open or close the door. You can get rid of this problem with regular cleaning and oiling.

Slow or slack movement 

If your screw drive opener is slower than normal, it could be due to a few things. Lack of lubrication, an old motor, or a battered screw could all be causing the sluggishness. In these situations, you may need to replace worn parts or call an expert to fix the problem.

Stripped threads 

Normal wear and tear can cause the screw in a screw drive opener to lose its threading over time. When this happens, the opener might not correctly move the door up or down. The threads might be stripped if you see slipping or shaking while the machine runs. In these situations, the screw might need to be changed.

Low tolerance to temperature

Screw drive openers are less tolerant of temperature changes than other openers. High temperatures can impact the opener’s efficiency, particularly in hot or cold locations. When it is cold, the grease on the screw can get thicker, which makes the opener work less well. But when it is hot, the metal parts expand and make them stick or cause other issues.


Screw drive openers usually need more maintenance than other types of openers. Take the time to oil, clean, and inspect it regularly to ensure they work well. Check your screw drive opener for wear, make sure all nuts and bolts are tight, and fix any issues as soon as you spot them.

Reminder: If you are unsure how to fix a problem with your screw drive opener, it is best to call a professional garage door expert.

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