Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities just finished complex garage door opener installation for a home in Galesburg, Illinois. This project involved replacing an old opener, and the client opted for a newer, more advanced LiftMaster 81650 AC opener. The main reason for this upgrade was to embrace the modern features of garage door technology. The new opener connects to their home’s Wi-Fi and allows remote access. With these features, the client can control their garage door with ease.

Scope of Garage Door Opener Installation Project

Initial Consultation

Before the upgrade, we met with the homeowner for a first consultation. We did this to understand their needs, preferences, and expectations fully.

System Evaluation

Our team thoroughly checked the current garage door system. We did this to make sure it would work with the new LiftMaster 81650 AC opener and to make setting it up easier.

Removal of Old System

Then, we removed the old opener from the trolley to make room for the new motor unit.

Installation of the Garage Door Opener

After cleaning the rails and checking the motor parts, we carefully installed the LiftMaster 81650 AC opener. Then, we made sure that the parts were complete and all set up right for smooth operation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Setup

Our technicians have set up the Wi-Fi so the clients can control and monitor their garage door using the myQ app on their smartphones.

System Testing and Handover

We fully tested the new system to see how well it worked. Then, we gave the homeowner an in-depth handover. It came with clear directions on how to make the most of the new features.

Project Outcome

After installing the LiftMaster garage door opener, the homeowner’s access to their garage has changed a lot. It is now easier, safer, and more under their control. The ability to control and monitor the garage door from afar has brought the client peace of mind. They could not enjoy this with the old system they have. This project shows how committed we are to providing our clients with new garage door solutions that meet their evolving demands. 

Transform Your Garage With Modern Liftmaster Opener

In this Galesburg, Illinois project, we aimed to give this client an improved garage door system that works well with the latest technology. By replacing the old opener with the new LiftMaster model, we offered a solution that is more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. 

Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is proud of this garage door opener installation project. Apart from that, we offer other garage door services to make our clients’ homes safer and easier to use. Our unwavering dedication to expertise with the use of the newest technology helps us do this and excel in our work.

Need a new garage door opener packed with modern features? With Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities, you can transform your garage and experience unmatched service and advanced technology all in one. Upgrade your garage door opener to get modern conveniences. LiftMaster garage door openers come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling remote access and monitoring. It improves both your home’s function and security. As the leading provider of garage door openers and installation services in the area, we also excel in garage door repair and maintenance. Take the first step towards a smarter home—contact us today for your free estimate.


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