A Muscatine, IA, client called Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities to repair their garage door opener. The old opener was making strange noises and would sometimes get stuck. They knew it used to work great, but lately, they needed to get out of the car to open and close the door every time. Even when they tried to activate the remote, nothing happened. It had been like that for a few weeks, so they feared the issue could not be fixed. Within an hour, one of our technicians arrived and got to work. We quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it on the spot. We also showed them a range of affordable options if they plan to replace it. Now all the noise was gone, and their garage door opened like new — quietly and without fail. This garage door opener repair left the client with a functioning garage door and much relief. 

Have you ever driven into your driveway and attempted to open your garage door, only to discover that it was jammed? Of course, the garage door getting stuck can be a frustrating experience, but do you know why it happens? Before you start blaming the door itself, take a moment to understand why this happens in the first place. When you know what caused the problem, you will be better able to solve it and less likely to run into the same problem again. With that in mind, let us explore some of the most common reasons garage doors get stuck and what you can do to prevent them.

Why Does Your Garage Door Get Stuck?

If you find yourself stuck with an open or closed garage door, here are a few solutions to get it back under your control. First, gather the required tools and take all the necessary precautions. Now let us get started on fixing this issue.

Garage Doors in Cold Weather

Are you struggling with a stubborn garage door in cold weather? When temperatures drop below freezing, your garage door can get stuck due to ice buildup compressing on the springs. Even if you manage to clear the ice, chances are the spring has been damaged and needs replacing right away. Replace a broken or unstable spring only with the help of a professional. Attempting to fix it yourself puts you at risk and might even void your warranty. If there are no signs of damage, ensure the door and its components are free of snow and ice and check if that resolves the issue.

Garage Door Is off Track

If you are faced with a scenario where your garage door will not open, it could be due to the rollers jumping off their track. Do not attempt to fix this yourself. Instead, call a reputable garage door service to do the job safely and correctly. Yet, if the panels have been damaged, they might suggest repairing or replacing the door immediately.

Broken Spring or Jammed Pulley

Are you having trouble with your garage door? It could be a jammed pulley or a worn-out torsion spring! When a garage door's pulley and the spring system are not working properly, it will not move along the track and open or close. As a result, you may end up stuck with an open garage if the problem arises while using it. If you have experienced a breakdown, it is time to call in an expert for repair. 

Failure to Lubricate the Garage Door

Maintaining your garage door is key to avoiding pesky and easily preventable snags - like a stuck door! To ensure you can keep it running smoothly, lubricate the track, opener chain properly, and springs every few months. The right lubricant will go a long way; we recommend opting for a silicone-based product to get the job done.

Are you dealing with an unreliable or outdated garage door opener? Do not tear your hair out in frustration. Instead, let Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities come to the rescue. Our experienced technicians are equipped and ready to install or repair any garage door opener you may have. We have the tools and know-how to complete the job if you need a new installation or your current system needs routine service. Additionally, our products and services come with a warranty against any manufacturing defect or malfunction. So do not wait — join the clients who have already made life simpler. Call Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities today.


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