Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities came for help when they received an urgent call from Bettendorf, IA homeowner. The garage door had been getting stuck in the middle of closing more and more frequently. Upon arrival, it became apparent that the sluggish movement of the client's garage door was due to broken and frayed cables caused by too much strain. We proposed a garage door cable replacement job right away. With our best technicians on site, we had the new cable installed quickly and efficiently. After only an hour's worth of effort, they were able to get the client's garage door functioning perfectly again! Thanks to our team's hard work, the client was beyond pleased with the quick turnaround time and could return to their task without any delays.


The cables lift and lower the garage door through energy transfer from the springs. Without these cables, the garage door will not move and may crash. And when one of these cables snaps or slips out of its drum, it requires immediate attention. Now, you may wonder what to do next. Is it possible to still use the door despite having one or more broken cables? Additionally, can you complete the needed repairs yourself, or is there a need to enlist the help of a professional contractor? Let us answer each one by one.

Is it safe to use a garage door with a broken cable?

Due to the risk of danger, you must never operate a garage door with a frayed or damaged cable. Doing so can put extreme pressure on its remaining cables, potentially causing them to snap, collapse, and destroy whatever is beneath them.

In situations where the door has been stuck in an open position due to the problem cable, emergency technicians should be contacted right away. Otherwise, one may need to cut the remaining cable to secure their home and close the garage door.

When you choose to go ahead and proceed, it is crucial to have multiple adults available to assist. Ensure that at least three or four people can support the door as you cut the cable and carefully lower it onto the ground.

What are the common signs of broken garage door cables?

The following are common signs of damaged or broken garage door cables:

•  The door is uneven and misaligned.

• The door is rattling, squeaking, or otherwise working abnormally.

• The door has collapsed to the ground.

• The door is jammed and will not move up or down.


With this in mind, you can tell when to get your garage door cables serviced — before they cause further damage!

How do you replace your garage door cable?

Regarding garage door repair, the safest option is always to contact a professional. Unfortunately, many individuals attempted these repairs each year and ended up requiring medical attention. In fact, thousands of emergency room visits are linked to DIY installation or maintenance involving springs and cables.

Even if you replace a garage door cable successfully, you may not be able to adjust the spring tension appropriately. In addition, you cannot perform additional tasks required to verify that your door complies with applicable safety rules.

When inspecting the cables in your garage door, be sure to:

• Inspect the cables for kinks or fraying.

• Examine the pulleys for signs of deterioration.

• Track any breaks until you reach the source of the damage.

• Maintain the cables clean and clear of any debris.

• Ensure the cables are properly lubricated and deliberately apply just the right amount. It is also important to keep in mind the right product for each type of hardware. For garage door cables, use white lithium grease or silicone spray.

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