Garage Door Repair Bettendorf, IA

Garage Door Repair Bettendorf, IA

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When the homeowner of this Bettendorf, IA, home pushed the button to open the garage, a strange sound filled the air. The door started moving up but stopped midway. Suddenly, the door dropped and threw it off balance. They called Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities for help, and we came just in time. Our skilled technicians wasted no time and checked the condition of each part of the door. Our keen eyes quickly found the problem: a broken cable on one side of the door. It was a typical case for us so we could get the door back in balance and working order. We recommended garage door cable replacement for both, as the other one had worn out and rusted. We fixed it fast, replacing the faulty cables with new, durable ones. Our experts worked hard to ensure that every part of the garage door system worked perfectly. After a few minutes, we were done with the garage door repair. With both cables restored, the door will surely last longer than before. Now that it has been fixed and working perfectly, the family can rest easy knowing that their garage door is safe and reliable. 

Garage doors are made up of a lot of different parts. One essential part of this system is the garage door cables. If the cables break, most homeowners can do little more than look at the damage and try to patch it up. Most of you, if not all, would agree that you need your garage doors to work throughout the day. So keeping them in good shape will help prevent sudden cable breaks. But how well do you know about these cables? What are the different types of cables? How do they fail, and how should you maintain them? Let us find out.

The Types of Garage Door Cables

Depending on the kind of garage door system, there may be more than one cable to lift and hold the door’s weight. These include the following:

Lift Cables

Lift cables are used in garage doors with torsion spring systems. They are also called torsion cables or lifting cables. Most of the time, these cables are thicker and stronger than other cables. They are attached to the bottom corners of the garage door and wrap around a drum near the door’s top. When the torsion springs are tightened, they help lift the door, and the lift cables transfer that force so the door can easily go up and down.

Retaining Cables

Extension spring systems on garage doors have cables that hold the springs in place. They are also called extension cables or safety cables. These cables go through the extension springs and are linked to the bottom corners of the door. The retaining cables provide a safety measure in case the extension spring breaks. In case of spring breakage, the retaining cables keep the door from inflicting serious damage or hurting anyone by keeping the door in place.

Why Does Your Garage Door Cable Break and How to Prevent It

There are many reasons why garage door cables can break, including:

Wear and Tear

Over time, garage door cables can get worn and torn from daily use and abuse. The constant strain and movement can cause the cables to weaken, fray, or develop weak spots, leading to breakage.

Rust and Corrosion

If the garage is humid or there is much moisture in the air, the cables may rust and break down. Rust weakens the cables, making them more likely to break.

Poor Installation

Improper installation or upkeep can put too much strain on the cables, which can cause them to break down too soon. 

How to Keep Your Garage Door Cables From Breaking Too Soon

Regular Inspection

Do frequent visual checks of the garage door cables to look for signs of fraying, wear, or damage. 


Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the cables occasionally to reduce friction. This lubrication will make sure they move easily. It also helps keep the cables from getting too much stress.

Professional Maintenance

Set up regular maintenance with a professional for your garage door system. Experienced technicians can look at the cables, springs, and other parts and make necessary changes or replacements to avoid future problems.

Follow these preventive steps and fix any cable issues right away. Your garage door cables will last longer. And it will reduce the chance that they will break unexpectedly. It is best to ask for the experts’ help for fast and reliable repairs.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Has your garage door cable snapped? Does this cable problem halt your daily routine? For fast and reliable garage door repair, call Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. With our well-trained and experienced door experts, we can get you going quickly. In no time, we can fix any garage door issue, including garage door opener repair and cable replacement. 

So do not let a faulty garage door stop your important activities in the Quad Cities area. With our full range of garage door services, we make sure you do not get stuck. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with our affordable rates and warranties. Act now and speak with our friendly staff. Call Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities today for free estimates.

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