Garage Door Repair Davenport, IA

Garage Door Repair Davenport, IA

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This Davenport, Iowa, homeowner was about to leave for work when he noticed something was wrong with the garage door. It made creaking sounds as it slowly opened and closed. So the client called us at Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities, and our team arrived an hour later to check the issue. With our sharp eyes and years of experience, we quickly figured out what was wrong. The harsh weather had taken its toll on the rollers, making them rust and barely moving along the tracks. But rest assured, our technician was on top of it. We explained that it was normal and that we could fix them at once.

So our experts changed each old roller with high-quality, quiet nylon rollers. That made the garage door look nice again and run smoothly like before. After this minor fix, we tested the door multiple times to ensure it worked perfectly. Extremely grateful, the client could not help but share their story and praise us for the amazing garage door roller replacement service.

If your garage door takes longer than usual to open and close or makes strange noises, it might be time for a roller replacement. Here, we will look at what kinds of rollers are available, when to replace them, and why replacing your garage door rollers can be important. First, let us learn more about steel and nylon rollers.

Steel vs. Nylon Rollers

Steel, or nylon, is commonly used to make garage door rollers. Steel rollers are often used in garage doors because they are strong and last long. On the other hand, nylon rollers are often used in high-end doors or those needing quieter environments because they make less noise and friction.

How Long Do Garage Door Rollers Last?

Garage door rollers are designed to last for a set number of cycles. You complete one cycle each time you open and close your garage door. On average, people open and close their doors three to five times daily. That equals 1,500 cycles per year.

How long rollers last also depends on how frequently they are used and what they are made of. For instance, the cheapest rollers made of plastic only last a few years. Builder-grade steel rollers without ball bearings also last only a few years. However, steel rollers with ball bearings are more sturdy and can last ten to fifteen years with proper maintenance. Meanwhile, nylon rollers can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years, based on how well they are made.

When to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

Cycle rates are a good way to figure out when to replace your rollers. Yet, some rollers may wear out or break before their time and must be replaced sooner. So check your rollers now and look for signs of wear and tear.

A popping sound: When you use your garage door, broken rollers will make a popping sound. If your rollers are squeaking or grinding, it may be time to get new ones.

Loose roller: When in use, good rollers do not wobble. If you find any of your rollers loose or wobbly, you might want to consider replacing them before the problem worsens.

Rubber that is cracked or coming apart: Look at the rollers for cracks or other signs of damage. If the rollers on the garage door can't be fixed, you will need to buy new ones.

Signs of rust: If rust builds up on the rollers of your garage door, it will not move up and down the track easily. If the rollers are too old, they are no longer as good.


Garage door rollers make the door glide smoothly along the rails. They hold the door up and let you open and close it. Maintaining these rollers is vital for the garage door system's operation and longevity. Keep your garage door running smoothly with the right lubricants, examine the rollers for signs of wear, and replace them when needed. These simple steps will give you years of quiet, efficient garage door performance.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Does your garage door creak and groan, sounding off like an alarm whenever you try to open it? Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is your go-to source for reliable garage door roller replacement services. Our experienced technicians are equipped to quickly and safely replace the rollers on your garage door, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. We use only top-quality rollers and replacement parts, so you can rest easy that your garage door will function like new. Our service areas across the Quad Cities are carefully selected to provide fast and friendly service whenever needed. Call us today for inquiries and free estimates.

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