For a garage door repair job, a homeowner in East Moline, IL, contacted Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. They said their garage door had grown sluggish and tended to rise unevenly. This issue, coupled with unusual noises, raised concerns about its safety. After examining the door, we determined that bent tracks were causing rollers to go off the garage door rails. Also, rust had been seen, stressing the tracks even further. Good thing our technicians are experts in realigning garage door tracks. Using the right tools, we were able to fix the issue quickly. After straightening them out, we replaced worn-out rollers and lubricated them. Our client was delighted upon testing it out; they felt it operated just like new! Upon request, our client booked a routine maintenance check to prevent similar issues from occurring again.


No matter the type of garage door you have — new or old, modern or basic, unexpected problems can pop up anytime. But do not worry! There is help available through a professional garage door repair company. However, it pays to know how a bent garage door track affects the entire system before you call upon such a service. 

What Is the Garage Door Track Called?

A track is the metal rails along which your garage door slides. Garage door tracks are very important because they support and hold the weight of your garage door. They allow your doors to slide up and down so you can easily get in and out of your home.

What Should You Do if the Track on Your Garage Door Is Bent?

Garage door tracks are essential for a garage door system and are built to withstand daily use. Unfortunately, wear and tear can still occur over time. For instance, a bump in the track could throw off your garage door's balance and raise it unevenly. Can you imagine opening or closing your garage door only to find that one side is higher than the other? Thus, it is recommended that a professional technician perform track repair as soon as possible. Delaying this kind of repair could lead to more extensive damage in the long run.

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door Track

In cases where one or more sections of the vertical tracks have become bent, expert technicians will use tools such as pliers to shape them back into their original position. After doing so, they will resecure them firmly by replacing any bolts that were loosened but not removed during the process.

Alternatively, a technician can place a large screwdriver behind the bent section of the track and pull it toward the center to straighten the track. If the track is bent while the door is partially open, they will use a hammer or a monkey wrench to fix the part where it is bent.

Benefits of Working With a Garage Door Repair Company

When a door opens, its weight can cause a shift in the position of one of two horizontal tracks that hold it up. It occurs when tension on a bolt keeping them secure is released. Without careful attention, this could result in bending one or both tracks. A technician can help by applying a rod inside to provide shape and hammering around it to ensure the structure is maintained correctly.

When other options have been explored, a residential garage door specialist may suggest the replacement of the tracks in your garage. Knowing that Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities can assist with any garage door issue is helpful. Although various repair methods exist, this team of professionals can ensure your problem is adequately addressed. 

When you are having difficulties with your garage door rails, it is important to accurately relay the issue to a specialist. Thankfully, this communication is greatly simplified by familiarizing yourself with garage door problems. However, it is best to refrain from attempting to fix any problem yourself. 

When your garage door track is damaged, it can severely affect your everyday life. To ensure your garage door is in optimum working condition, trust only the best in garage door repair—Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is the one to call! We are one of the neighborhood's most reliable garage door repair companies. Our technicians are efficient and dependable to guarantee that your needs are met promptly. We proudly serve East Moline, IL, and its nearby cities. To learn more about our garage door repair services or any installations we offer, please do not hesitate to call us at (309) 808-7181.