Garage Door Repair Galesburg, IL

Garage Door Repair Galesburg, IL

Project Description

The garage of a Galesburg, IL, homeowner was their pride and joy—but the garage door had seen better days. They called us at Titan Garage Door Quad Cities for professional help. In no time, an expert showed up quickly to take a look. Our technician could tell the tracks were all worn out. Along with bent hinges and rusted rollers, it made opening and closing the door a real struggle. 

Then we began the repair work, and each piece of the broken tracks was carefully removed. Then, we replaced them with new tracks to get the garage door back together. After an hour, we finished the garage door track replacement, ensuring they were tight and in the right spot. After the garage door repair, the client tried the garage door to see how it worked. They were happy to see how the door moved smoothly along the tracks and how safe and secure it became. The client greatly expressed joy and praised our specialists' expertise, knowledge, and commitment. In the end, we brought the broken garage door back to life!

Have you ever stopped to think about the tracks that make your garage door safe to use? Sure, some buttons and sensors help keep it secure. Yet, Without these essential pieces, your garage door could not open or close safely. Sadly, many things can break or move the tracks. From wear and tear to installation errors, we will discuss why these parts of your garage door can break and how you can prevent it.

Warning Signs of Worn-Out Garage Door Tracks

There are ways to tell if you must replace the garage door tracks. Listed below are some common warning signs:


If your garage door has problems when opening or closing or looks crooked or uneven, it may be out of alignment. It can happen when the door stops working because the tracks are broken or bent.


If you hear scraping, grinding, or squeaking sounds when you use your garage door, it could mean that the tracks are worn or broken. These noises come from the rollers or the door rubbing against the broken tracks.

Rust or corrosion 

Check for any indications of rust or corrosion on the tracks. Rust can damage the tracks' structure and cause them to fall apart over time. If it is corroded or rusty, it is clear that the tracks need to be replaced.

Cracked or bent tracks

Look at the tracks to see if they are bent or cracked. Over time, heavy impacts or constant wear and tear can cause the tracks to bend or crack. Broken or bent tracks can make it hard for the door to move smoothly and pose a safety risk.

Trouble opening or closing 

It could be due to broken tracks if you have difficulty operating your garage door. If the door moves on damaged tracks, it may become stuck or jammed.

Tracks that are loose or wobbly

When you check the tracks, ensure they are firmly attached to the garage walls. If the garage door tracks are loose or shaky, they can make the door less stable and stop it from working properly.

Please call a garage door repair professional to check and replace the damaged tracks if you notice any of these things. Our experts possess the necessary knowledge and tools to guarantee your garage door's swift and secure operation.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you having issues with your existing garage door? Before it gets worse, let us take care of it for you. At Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities, we offer same day garage door services to have it running in no time. We are especially good at replacing garage door tracks and only use high-quality materials to ensure your new track is strong, durable, and built to last. Our expert team values our work and provides a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Rest assured, and we will complete the task correctly the first time. Call us now for fast and effective garage door repair services today. 


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