The homeowner in Muscatine, IA, recently noticed their garage door was becoming uneven and slow. So when it snapped all of a sudden, they were not surprised at all. They called Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities for help, and we responded immediately. When we arrived, we saw the cables on each side of the door had broken. Upon full inspection and evaluation of the garage door system, we found that the cables were of poor grade and were the reason for premature wear. After determining the correct cable size and length, we quickly started the garage door cable replacement job and finished it in under an hour. We ran some tests to ensure it was safe, and the result showed it was a job well done. We gave some tips for quick maintenance to avoid this situation again. They were grateful that their garage door was back in working order.

The next time you go to open your garage door, take a moment to think about the complicated machine that makes it possible. Your garage door has many moving parts, and each one is important for the door to move smoothly and without any problems. The garage door springs, which are under huge tension, are a key part of the mechanism. Any danger is limited thanks to a heavy cable that runs through the springs, preventing them from recoiling. However, a broken garage door cable can cause serious potential problems.

Types of Garage Door Cables and What They Do

The cables used for garage doors vary depending on the spring system installed. Torsion springs require cables that loop at one end and have a crimped stop at the other. These cables must be properly secured and wound to function correctly. Extension springs run along either side of the door and require different cables. Safety cables, used with extension springs, are placed at the center of the springs to prevent damage or injury in case the spring snaps.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Break?

Incorrect Cable Winding or a Bad Pulley

Several things can go wrong with garage door cables. They can become wound around the drum incorrectly, causing the door to become jammed or droop on one side. The cables can also become completely unwound from the drum and must be reconnected. Sometimes, the pulleys can get worn out, and the cable will not slip through as smoothly. As a result, the door becomes stuck or tilted to one side. In this case, you need to replace the pulleys.

Wear and Tear, Rust, and Fraying

Garage door cables are strong, but they can break. One reason for this is age — over time, the cables can wear down and eventually snap. Another reason is rust. Rust can corrode the cable; unless you detect it in time, the rust will have eaten through it. Fraying is another problem that causes broken cables. Picture a rope of smaller pieces twisted together to make a thicker cord - that is how the cables work. Multiple cable wires are wound together to make a stronger, thicker cable. Yet, even one little cable breaking can cause the whole thing to fray and eventually snap. No matter what happens, a broken cable is a big problem that only a licensed professional should fix.

How Can You Keep a Garage Door Cable From Breaking?

Maintaining your garage door includes preventative care for your garage door cables. Inspect the cables often for fraying or kinks, and do not forget the pulleys. Worn-out pulleys can be a big problem. You should check any frayed areas to see what could be causing the damage. There might be something sticking out and damaging the cable. It is important to remove any lump before it causes further damage. Keeping your cables clean is also key to their life cycle. Remove debris and keep them free of lubricants, which can attract dirt and grime. Eventually, this can cause your cables to stop working properly.

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