Garage Door Repair Rock Island

Garage Door Repair Rock Island

Project Description

Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities had a broken garage door repair project in Rock Island, Illinois. The homeowner called for an emergency garage door repair service since their garage door broke and they could not open it. We responded quickly to their request for garage door repair Rock Island as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company. We were able to fix the garage door opener so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

A dependable garage door company like Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities provides professional garage door services including broken garage door repairs. Your garage door is an important entry point for your home and should be properly maintained. When something does not look or operate correctly, it is wise to contact a residential garage door repair technician. They provide a variety of services that can address many issues.

Are you looking for a good understanding of garage door problems?

While it is typical for many people not to be familiar with garage door terminology, understanding the common causes of garage door problems will help you in the future. Let’s review some garage door basics so that you can have a better understanding of what problems might occur.

There are many causes for a garage door failure. Understanding the following reasons will prepare you to deal with the situation once you experience this problem:

Something is blocking the photo-eye

Photo-eyes can detect if something is blocking the door so that it does not go down all the way. Once the laser light is blocked, the garage door will stop in place and will not move again until the beam is restored.

Outlet not working

Check that your garage door opener is plugged into an outlet that is not defective. For power source issues, examine your circuit breaker or fuse to make sure it is working correctly.

Torsion Springs broke

If you hear cracking, snapping, or banging like gunshots or fireworks, it is a warning that your garage door torsion spring is breaking.

Snapped cables

Garage door cables can snap when a torsion spring breaks. This issue can pose a safety risk to anyone in the way so it is best to call for garage door service immediately.

Proper adjustments of a garage door level

When the garage door level is set to too low or too high, a garage door will stop operating. Proper adjustments should be done by a garage door service technician so that the garage door will operate properly again.

Remote Control is not working

Double-check to make sure you are within the remote control’s range and that the antenna is not blocked from the signal. Also, check and possibly replace the remote’s batteries to make sure it is working correctly.

Limit setting requires adjustment

The garage door limit setting should have the correct adjustment made to help the mechanism determine the distance to move the door up and down. When you see the garage door not closing properly, it means the settings are not set right.

As discussed above, garage doors can have many different issues that a residential garage door repair company can resolve. Bear in mind that it would be risky to fix it yourself as it requires expertise and experience for a broken garage door repair. Knowing some facts about your garage door problems will provide you with an advantage. Always reach out to dependable garage door repair technicians like Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities to handle any garage door problem.

Remember that Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is always here to help when you need our services most. Our technicians at Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities are experts in garage door repair service and will make sure to give you top-level service. Just call us anytime at (309) 808-7181 so we can help you with your garage door service needs. Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities provide our customers with the best service available. We offer the most professional and affordable residential garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services to Rock Island residents and the surrounding area.

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