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We got an early call from a client in Rock Island, IL. They needed our help to repair their garage door where its cable had snapped. On-site, we found their garage door cable lying on the floor, and the door was left inoperable. They had seen quite some wear in them, especially on one of its lifting cables attached to the left side of the door. Our technicians noted that the other cable had frayed, and parts of it showed signs of rust. In short, they were no longer upright and safe to use. So we replaced their old broken cables with new stronger ones right away. We also advised them to perform routine care on this particular hardware for optimum garage door performance. The client thanked us for having done the garage door cable replacement successfully.

Replacing a broken garage door cable is no simple task. Home kits may offer a temporary fix. Yet, these are not reliable in the long term. Manually replacing the damaged garage door cable could work, but it takes time and is costly for most homeowners. The ideal way to replace garage door cables is to get the help of a professional company with the necessary skills and tools. They can guarantee fast and efficient work every time.

What should you do if your garage door's cables break?

One of the most common problems is broken garage door cable. Having one is not only a nuisance but a threat to your safety. Here is what you should do in case of a broken garage door cable.

Avoid Using Your Garage Door 

A cable is part of a garage door that allows it to move. Fastened to the bottom corners of the door, it runs from one end of the garage to the other. It aids your torsion springs and makes your door open and close. But what happens when your garage door cable snaps? Indeed, that can lead to failure and possible injury. So when your garage door cables break, leave the door closed and avoid using it.

Do Not Attempt to Fix the Broken Cable Yourself

Though a DIYer can fix broken garage door cables, there is no sense in taking unnecessary risks. Technically, you can replace the garage cable if you are handy, a DIYer, or just up for the task. Although the procedure is not that difficult, it might be risky. It is heartbreaking, but yearly, some people attempt to repair their garage doors by themselves and sustain injuries. So to prevent this from happening, it is advisable to call an expert for help. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable using tools or feel clumsy simply trying to complete the task, it is best to call Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities instead.

Stay On Top of Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

A broken garage door cable is not a problem you want to ignore. The longer you wait, the more damage your garage door could sustain and the more expensive it will be to repair. This matter does not only affect your home but everyone else around you as well. So if your cable suddenly snapped, please do not leave it that way. As soon as possible, call a professional garage door repair company.

Call a Professional Garage Door Repair Company

No garage door is complete without its cable. When cables break, your garage door may drop. That can lead to a damaged door, an inconvenience, and often, a safety issue. Therefore, what is the best method to proceed? The answer is to call Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities for expert service!

Do you have a garage door that needs repair? Do you need to replace the springs or the garage door cable? Or are you just not sure what you need to do right now? Do not put the repairs off any longer. Our team can help you with a free service estimate with no hidden charges! With a fast response time, we can provide you with all the information you require to make the right decision. To learn more, call (309) 808-7181 or visit our website.

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