Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities recently completed a garage door repair project in Rock Island, IL. The client initially contacted us for a garage door spring replacement as their spring had broken. Yet, upon further inspection, we found some issues that contributed to the spring failure.

During our assessment, we discovered that some of the roller hinges had worn out and needed replacements. Also, we noticed a lack of lubrication, which made the strain on the spring even worse. These factors caused the spring to break too soon. To fix the issue, we addressed the client's concerns by doing a full garage door repair. First, we replaced the broken spring and then changed the worn-out rollers with high-quality, durable ones. Also, we lubed all the moving parts of the garage door. Final checks and safety tests confirmed the smooth running of the door to prevent future issues.

A thorough garage door repair is what Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities do best. With a strong goal to extend your garage door's lifespan, we fulfill this by addressing underlying issues with our expert repair services and routine upkeep.

The Impact of Broken Rollers and Lack of Lubrication on Spring Failure

Discover how broken rollers and lack of lubrication can contribute to early spring failure in the following:

Increased Friction

Worn or broken rollers on a garage door can cause too much strain between the door and the tracks. This friction puts further tension in the springs. When the garage door is open and closed, the springs support the door's weight. When the rollers get worn out, they add extra resistance. That pressure can speed up the wear and tear on the springs and cause them to break, eventually.

Uneven Weight Distribution

Garage door springs are there to distribute the weight of the door evenly, ensuring smooth and balanced operation. However, when the rollers wear out, the door may not roll smoothly along the tracks. It can cause an uneven distribution of weight, placing uneven stress on the springs. Over time, this uneven stress can weaken the springs and cause them to break prematurely.

Lack of Lubrication

Proper lubrication is vital for the smooth movement of all the components in a garage door system, including the springs. When there is little or no lubrication, the metal parts rub against each other. This rubbing causes friction and resistance that can add strain to the springs, leading to their premature failure. With lubrication, it helps reduce friction and ensures that the springs can operate smoothly without excessive wear.

In short, broken rollers and lack of lubrication can lead to spring failure by increasing friction. It also causes uneven weight distribution and adds strain to the springs. So, it is important to address all underlying issues during garage door repairs to save yourself from the hassles of broken garage door springs. Thus, with timely repairs and routine checks, you can prolong the life of the springs and prevent further damage. 

When it comes to garage door repair and upkeep, Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is your go-to in the city. With our well-trained technicians and dedication, we offer solutions that are safe, efficient, and last a long time. We use top-notch materials and modern equipment, along with years of knowledge in the field, to produce excellent results. On top of that, we put client satisfaction first and work hard on every job to go above and beyond your expectations. And the best part? We offer reasonable prices, product and service warranties, and quick service to make sure your garage door stays in shape through the years. For all of your repair and maintenance needs, trust Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. Call us right now to guarantee long-term performance, convenience, and safety.


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