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When an alarming noise from the garage door caused it to cease working, the homeowner in Bettendorf, IA, contacted us for repairs. Our technician arrived swiftly and soon diagnosed that one of the springs had broken. Further inspection uncovered that rust had taken its toll on both springs, necessitating a garage door spring replacement job. We completed this task in less than 60 minutes. With that taken care of, our technician noted that other garage door parts needed some attention. As a result, the client made plans for our Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities team to return for this extra garage door service as soon as possible.


Are the garage door springs on your house in need of repair? Ensuring that your garage door operates correctly helps protect your home's security. That includes keeping everything and anyone inside safe. However, using a door with broken or faulty springs can have dangerous outcomes. Exerting too much pressure will put more strain and cause them to break eventually. In addition, it may result in the sudden collapse of the door.

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

Despite being quite heavy, opening a garage door is easier with springs. These come in two types - torsion and extension. Torsion springs are parts of a garage door typically used for larger doors and mounted on a wall above them. Meanwhile, extension springs are placed either along one-piece garage doors or above tracks using cable and pulley systems.

How to Tell Whether Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

It is important to regularly check for signs that your garage door springs may be faulty or broken. Experts advise looking at least once every month to guarantee your garage door remains secure and safe. Here are some key indicators of problems with your springs that you should watch out for.

The garage door will not open.

Is your garage door refusing to open? It may be a sign that its springs are failing. It is wise to contact garage door repair experts to find out exactly what the root cause is. They can accurately diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable fix. Whatever they find, scheduling an inspection is likely your best bet to ensure all parts work correctly.

The garage door shows signs of wear and tear.

Dig into the garage and look closer at every inch of the door. Ensure that the door is shut before undertaking any repairs or replacements. Check for signs of wear and damage in areas such as the springs, mounting hardware, pulleys, cables, and rollers. It is worth noting that even minor issues in one component can add extra stress to other parts of the system. When assessing your springs specifically, keep an eye out for anything that could signal a problem, including:

  • Inspect whether the springs are noticeably worn.
  • Evaluate to determine whether there is a spring gap.
  • Inspect to check whether the springs have lost tension. You can usually feel tension loss if the springs have extended or stretched.

The garage door will not stay up.

Before attempting to diagnose any further, open the garage door by hand. For those that have an automated system, disconnect it after closing the door. Provided the springs are in working order, lifting the door should be relatively effortless and remain open when fully lifted. In contrast, resistance or refusal for the door to stay up may indicate issues with the springs.

Check the Safety Measures of the Opener

You should conduct a force setting test to check that your automatic opener system is functioning properly. Begin by opening the door completely with either the wall button or the transmitter. Then, as it begins to lower, place your arms against the bottom panel. All modern garage doors have a safety feature that will make them stop and reverse when an object obstructs their path. If you encounter trouble reversing the door or if it continues to close, quickly remove your hands. It may signal an issue with the springs or the safety system.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Are you tired of dealing with a noisy and unreliable garage door? Then, get ready for smooth and worry-free operation with Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. We provide reliable, professional repair, including garage door spring replacement services. We also offer quality parts that are built to withstand all types of weather conditions. Our experienced technicians are highly trained and equipped with knowledge and expertise to ensure every repair work is done quickly, safely, and accurately. In addition, our services come with a comprehensive warranty, so you can be sure your garage door will withstand years of use. So call us and let us take care of your garage door needs today.


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