Garage Door Spring Replacement Bettendorf

Garage Door Spring Replacement Bettendorf

Project Description

This Bettendorf, IA, resident was getting ready to leave for an important event when a loud noise rocked the garage as soon as they opened the garage door. The door jerked to a stop halfway, slammed shut unexpectedly, and would not move any further. So, they called us at Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities for an emergency repair. A quick look showed that the problem was a broken spring. We carried out a garage door spring replacement. It took less than an hour to replace both springs on the door. After the fixes, the garage door was back in good working condition. The homeowner was very grateful for the quick and reliable service, meaning they could leave home without worrying.

The garage door springs do almost all the hard work of opening and closing a door. Homeowners who do not understand how garage door springs work may find it confusing when they break and need repairs. It is important to know these things to avoid being stuck because you cannot get your car out of the garage.

How Does a Garage Door Spring Work?

Garage door springs balance the door’s weight so it can open and close smoothly. Extension and torsion are the two main kinds of springs. Torsion springs are mounted on top of the door. They turn a shaft, which turns the drums, which wind or unwind the cables connected to the door’s bottom corners. When you pull the door down, the springs get tighter and store energy. This energy is released when the door is opened, which helps lift the door. 

The extension springs, on the other hand, are positioned in line with the door tracks. As the door moves, these springs expand and shrink. When the door shuts, the springs stretch and store energy. When the door opens, they tighten, releasing energy that helps them lift the door. Both types even out the door’s weight, making it easier for the motor to move the door smoothly and safely.

What Causes Garage Door Springs to Break

Garage door cables are under a lot of strain, which helps the door move. Their breaking can be a result of any of the following:

• Frequent Use: Constant operation causes wear and fatigue.

• Rust and corrosion: Cables get weaker when they are exposed to moisture.

• Lack of maintenance: Ignoring wear makes it happen faster.

• Materials with low quality: Cheap cables break quickly.

• Incorrect installation: Misalignment causes uneven strain.

Over time, these factors cause the cables to fray or break, which affects how the door works. Problems like this can be avoided with regular checks.

What to Do When Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Is your garage door spring broken? Then, you should not open or close it. Doing so could cause more damage and put you in danger. Keep the area clear, and keep children and pets away from the door. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, always call a professional because they know how to deal with high-tension parts. Once the problem is fixed, it is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance checks, as this can help avoid future problems and extend the door’s life.

Garage Door Springs Near Me

When you hear that scary snap and see that your garage door spring is broken, you must immediately take action. The stability of your garage door is very important, and broken springs can put your safety and security at risk. Why trust anyone else but the best? Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is a shining example of quality garage door services. Our trained professionals have a good eye for detail, so we can respond quickly and find a solution that works and lasts. Do not settle for less; call us for free estimates and a smooth fixing experience!

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