Garage Door Spring Replacement Bettendorf

Garage Door Spring Replacement Bettendorf

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This homeowner in Bettendorf, IA, found us online while finding the best rate for a garage door spring replacement service. The torsion spring on their garage door broke only after a few years of service. They chose Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities as they were looking for a service provider with a quick turnaround time at a fair price. When we arrived, we swapped out the damaged springs for our 20,000-cycle torsion spring, which had a longer lifespan. The replacement and testing took us under an hour. The client said they would recommend us to friends and family and hire us again for future garage door services.

It makes sense that some homeowners hesitate to replace the garage door springs. That is because this is a potentially hazardous task that requires specialized knowledge and skills. The garage door is heavy, and the spring tension is always high. A single wrong move could cause serious physical harm. Therefore, leaving such repairs to the professionals is best to avoid potential danger. But of course, you want to get the best deal on the cost. So how much might it cost, and what can you expect when you hire someone for your spring replacement project? We will get to it later. Let us check what type of spring you have first.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are often seen on newer garage doors. They are mounted horizontally above the dead center of your garage door. Look above the middle of your garage door after closing it to see if yours is a torsion spring. Two springs running sideways indicate that you are dealing with torsion springs.

Extension Spring

These are long springs that run down either side parallel to the garage door tracks. Extension springs hang a few inches above the track when your door is closed. Look next to your tracks. If you can spot these powerful components that stretch nearly the length of the track, then you have extension springs.

How Much Would It Cost to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs?

The cost of garage door spring repair can vary depending on several factors. A garage door spring repair costs anywhere from $150 - $350, inclusive of the part and labor. However, some customers may have unlisted damages and only need the springs oiled at a lower price of around $100.

Torsion Spring and Bar Replacement Cost

When replacing your torsion springs, you will likely face costs between $130 and $300 for a pair of springs. It is inclusive of labor and the necessary hardware materials. It is worth noting that these springs can cost up to $100 each. Simultaneously replacing both tension springs is recommended because the older, unbroken spring may have lost some tension over time. Doing so will balance the door, enabling it to open equally and smoothly with equal force exerted on each side. Generally speaking, two torsion springs should last more than a decade — from 10,000 cycles up to 20,000. Nevertheless, this largely depends on how often they are used.

Extension Spring Replacement Cost

The final cost of replacing the extension spring depends on labor costs, but hardware materials can range from $45 to $100. They are much easier to install than torsion springs and come at a lower cost. However, their lifespan is considerably shorter, generally no longer than ten years. However, they often have a warranty for three to five years.

Garage Door Supplier Near Me

Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is a family-owned and operated business serving homeowners' residential garage door needs in the Quad Cities area. We take pride in offering high-quality products and services at reasonable prices. Our skilled technicians are experienced in all aspects of garage door repair, from spring replacement to opener repair. We also offer a variety of new garage doors to choose from, as well as custom-built doors to fit your unique needs. Call us today for free estimates!

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