Garage Door Spring Replacement Davenport

Garage Door Spring Replacement Davenport

Project Description

Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities had a garage door spring replacement project in Davenport Iowa. The homeowner called for emergency garage door repair service since their garage door spring broke. We responded to their request for garage door spring replacement Davenport quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company. We were able to make the garage door spring repairs quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is a dependable garage door company that offers a variety of garage door repair services, including garage door spring replacement. You need a residential garage door repair team with the expertise necessary to resolve any garage door issue. Experience and competence are critical components of any garage door business; whether it's a garage door spring replacement or garage door opener repair, a service firm should be able to handle both.

The Most Common Reasons for Garage Door Springs to Break

Weakening and Tearing

This is the leading cause of garage door spring failure or breakage! Torsion springs placed correctly will typically endure roughly 10,000 cycles. A cycle occurs when the garage door raises and then lowers. Even if you simply go and return once each day, it translates to two cycles every day or 730 in a year.

Having said that, a garage door spring has a life expectancy of little more than 13-12 years. However, the majority of individuals open and reopen the door several times during the day, resulting in a life expectancy of significantly less than 13-12 years. It is feasible to complete 10,000 cycles in less than a year!

Rust Accumulation

When rust builds on garage door springs, it may cause the springs to break easily and limit their life. Rust creates friction on the coil and also weakens it. Spring breaking due to rust may be avoided by spraying the coil with a lubricant every few months (we can offer this), which maintains it lubricated and prevents rust buildup.

Insufficient Maintenance

True, with time, wear and strain may cause the garage door springs to fail. However, with regular care, you may extend the life of the spring. The first step is to lubricate the coil at least three times a year. Additionally, you should check the balance of the garage door each season. We've discovered that the majority of individuals have spring failure throughout the winter, therefore inspecting it more often during that time period is suggested.

Tip: How to Check the Balance of a Garage Door

Lift the garage door halfway up and then release the handle. If the door remains still without moving, the springs are functioning correctly. If the door begins to sag slightly, the springs are starting to fail and should be replaced immediately.

Incorrect Springs Are Being Used

When the spring length or wire size is improper, your garage door springs are likely to break sooner rather than later. Garage doors that are properly maintained and built should have two torsion springs, one on each side.

Certain garage door installers employ a single long spring over the whole door, which is okay for smaller or lighter doors but is not appropriate for the typical door. It is preferable to use two springs to distribute the weight of raising and shutting the garage door since single springs not only limit their life but also cause significant harm if they break.

Although damaged garage springs are prevalent for the reasons mentioned before, it does not mean you should have to put up with the inconvenience! Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities provides inexpensive spring repair services! We promise that we can re-open your garage in no time.

In any case, resolving your garage door issues by yourself will surely put you in danger. Seek the help of an expert residential garage door repair technician from Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities to be advised if you will require garage door spring replacement. Though it might be quite expensive, you have no choice but to have them replaced if the springs are worn out. Your safety is more vital than spending on the repair or replacement.

As discussed, garage doors can have many different issues that a residential garage door repair company can resolve. Bear in mind that it would be risky to repair it yourself as it requires expertise and experience to fix a garage door. Knowing some facts about your garage door problems will provide you with an advantage. Always reach out to dependable garage door repair technicians like Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities to handle any garage door problem.

Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is the best to handle residential garage door repair needs. Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities technicians act fast and are dependable to ensure that your garage door spring replacement needs will be provided. We cover Davenport Iowa and the surrounding area. To learn more about commercial garage door repair service and garage door installations, give us a call at (309) 808-7181.

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