The Galesburg, IL, homeowner had been planning a weekend off from work for weeks, but disaster struck as they were about to leave home. They went to open their garage door and were horrified when they heard a sudden loud bang. Unfortunately, the torsion spring had broken. They had no choice but to call an emergency service to fix it. Fortunately, our Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities team quickly responded to their call. We arrived at their house in no time with all the tools and parts needed. After quickly assessing the situation, we explained that a garage door spring replacement was needed. Soon enough, we were done with the repair work, and the garage door opened like new. The client could not believe how fast and efficiently we replaced both springs. Much to their surprise, they were only charged a reasonable fee. So they gave us a huge tip and thanked us profusely before leaving. We managed to save the client’s weekend getaway plans from being ruined.

Garage door springs play a very crucial role in garage door operations. They hold the weight of the door as it opens and closes and helps keep it balanced as it moves up and down. Springs come in two common types – torsion and extension. Torsion springs are installed directly above the door, while extension springs are mounted to either side of the door. Both springs act like shock absorbers and help keep the door safely connected to its track when opening and closing. When correctly maintained, garage door springs can provide years of reliable operation.

Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Spring Broke

A garage door’s springs play an important role in its operation, and when they break, it can be a big hassle and a safety concern. Below are several common causes of spring breakage that you should know about. This fact will help so that you can reduce the chance of it happening. 

Weather Conditions

Weather changes can greatly impact the performance of your garage door springs. If temperatures drop or humidity levels rise too quickly, the metal components of the spring may contract or expand faster than expected. That can lead to more tension and, eventually, breakage. 

Garage Used Too Frequently

If your garage door is used excessively, the pressure on the springs can surpass what they are designed to handle, potentially leading to breakage. 

Improper Spring Installation

The garage door opener can strain the springs, as any irregularities in installation or maintenance can lead to problems further down the line. Ensure that all of your springs are installed, tensioned, and maintained, complying with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

By understanding the most common reasons why springs in a garage can break, you can protect your garage from damage and keep it functioning properly for a long time. So to prevent issues and guarantee your garage’s security, routine inspection, and maintenance of your springs is crucial.

Secure Your Spring: Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

Everyone who owns a garage door should take steps to protect their springs. That includes regularly lubricating the springs or ensuring that harsh chemicals do not come into contact with them. These careful maintenance habits can help ensure your garage door works reliably for years. Your spring system is the unsung hero of your garage door. Show the proper respect and care that can help you avoid major problems.

Keep your garage door functioning properly by installing a quality garage door spring replacement from the experts at Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities. Our skilled technicians have years of experience and are dedicated to providing quality garage door service with long-lasting results. With our repair services, you can rest assured that your garage door will operate smoothly and effectively for years. When you choose us, your investment in a garage door is backed up with product and service warranties. On top of that, we guarantee that we only use replacement parts made from the finest materials that ensure their durability and strength. Do not wait — call us today and get your garage door trouble fixed right away!


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