Garage Door Spring Replacement Moline

Garage Door Spring Replacement Moline

Project Description

Upon using their garage door, our clients in Moline, IL, witnessed a significantly faster-than-usual closing of the door. They called us right away since they knew something had gone wrong. Our Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities team responded immediately to assess the situation. Upon inspection, we found a broken spring in their single-car garage. The spring had worn out due to daily wear and tear and lack of lubrication. Therefore we recommended replacing the spring with an oil-tempered one that is stronger and longer-lasting. The garage door's performance improved remarkably in no more than 30 minutes of garage door spring replacement. We also taught them how to maintain the spring through proper lubrication to prevent untimely spring breakage. The client was thrilled with how quickly we resolved the issue, as if the spring break incident had never occurred.

Most of the time, it is easy to spot a broken spring. You will recognize your spring break when it occurs. Often, a very loud, clear bang will sound like a gunshot. It is because the spring tension gets tighter and increases pressure over time. As the tension builds, there may also be an audible squeaking noise as the springs spiral around their shafts. The sounds are loud and clear, and you can see the break above your garage door as soon as you look up. What else, though, should you keep an eye out for before deciding to replace the garage door springs?

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

If you were not in the garage when a spring broke, you might have to look around to find the problem. First, look to see if the spring is in good shape. If there is a clear break, you know what the answer is. But sometimes, the break will not be clean, or the spring will have stretched out instead of snapping.

It is helpful to consider both the spring itself and the garage door to assess the state of your spring. Inspecting the door can give you some clues about whether or not:

• The door's upper part appears to be misaligned.
• The door opens slightly and then slams shut again.
• The springs' associated cables are dangling.
• The door appears to be misaligned or crooked.

These are all indications that your spring is damaged or broken. Later, we will emphasize the necessity of contacting a reliable garage door repair business to repair and replace a broken spring. Yet, identifying the source of the problem can save you and your repair technician a lot of time and effort. It will allow you to get your garage door repaired and working properly again in less time!

How your garage door opens and shuts is usually a sign of a faulty or damaged spring. Most often, you probably cannot open or close your garage door when the spring has broken. However, sometimes, you may still be able to move the door, but you must do it safely. This way, you can figure out what is wrong with your door by watching how it moves. If a garage door spring broke, but the door still seems to work, look for these signs.

• The garage door jerkily moves up and down.
• As the door goes along the track, it is crooked and may become trapped.
• The door will not open, even when you trigger the emergency release.
• When you release the door, it falls immediately.
• As you attempted to operate the garage door opener, the top of the door became skewed.
• There is a clear gap or space between the rings of your torsion spring.
• The door opens a few inches before being stopped by a safety device.
• The door opens at a slower rate than usual.
• You bypass the automatic door opener, which is quite heavy when attempting to open the door manually.

Let the Experts Handle the Problem

If you quickly search online, you will find many sites that claim to explain how to fix or replace garage door springs. If a homeowner like you wants to save a few dollars by doing this project independently, you should know and prepare for the possible risks. Statistics show that garage doors cause injuries quite often. Does it make sense to put your safety at risk to save a few dollars?

Why You Should Not Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

Here is why you should not replace the springs on your garage door:

Your garage door may suddenly collapse.

The garage door is very heavy. The spring cannot support the door's weight when it is not working. It can be dangerous as the door can come crashing down, injuring anyone in its path.

Incorrect installation could pose a safety risk.

There is no margin for error for a broken or malfunctioning spring. It is a safety hazard. Installing it wrong could hurt someone or damage your garage door. So if you think you can save money with a DIY spring replacement, you are mistaken! Doing so may even cost you much more than you realize - not worth taking the risk. Call the experts immediately if you have a damaged or broken garage spring.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are the springs on your garage door broken due to damage from weather and strain from use? Why not call a company that has proven they can get the job done right? Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is the area's premier garage door service provider. Our garage door experts are here to help you with all your garage door needs. We offer top-of-the-line garage door spring replacement, repair, and maintenance services. We also provide commercial services for businesses and residential garage doors in the Quad Cities area. With our 24/7 response team, we are always ready to fix your issues right away. Call us today for a free estimate.


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