Reasons to Install a Modern Carriage-Style Garage Door

Consider a carriage-style door if you are planning a garage door replacement soon. Carriage garage doors originally opened and swung outward from the sides. These doors come in a swing-out appearance and operate like overhead doors to adapt to the modern lifestyle of homeowners. Beautiful carriage-style garage doors add that classic touch to a new garage that will complement your home’s elegant look. Learn a few practical reasons why this classic garage door style has gained popularity in this blog.


Why Install a Modern Carriage-Style Garage Door

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Low Maintenance

Wood was used to assemble the first carriage garage doors, which made them hard to maintain. The good news is that modern carriage-style garage doors can last for years without needing much maintenance. Modern carriage-style garage doors are manufactured with materials that do not rot, warp, or expand, such as steel and aluminum. Moreover, carriage-style garage doors will not overheat in summer or freeze in the winter, so this type may be ideal if you live in an area with extreme weather.

Improve Garage Lighting

The window inserts are one of the most characteristic features of carriage-style garage doors. Contemporary carriage garage doors have tiny windows that let light into the garage. The remainder of the door is solid, giving you the ideal combination of light and privacy. Carriage-type garage doors are a terrific choice if you value privacy or are concerned about security.

Wood Grain Finish Options

Carriage-style doors come in customizable wood grain finishes, decorative hardware options, and other features. In addition, steel and aluminum carriage garage doors can be field stained for that classic appearance and feel. For homeowners who prefer a traditional look, this is a practical solution. You can customize your carriage-style garage door to match your preferences and the exterior of your home. Regardless of the design, you have in mind, from golden oak to walnut.

Energy Efficiency

You cannot go wrong with a contemporary carriage-style door if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy garage door. Models constructed of heavy steel are insulated with foam fill, allowing them to endure any weather or impact.

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How to Choose the Best Carriage-Style Garage Doors

 If you have decided that carriage-style garage doors are the best option for your home, choosing a garage door installation company that can provide you with the perfect door is important. It would be beneficial if you were to keep in mind that the Midwest experiences harsh winter and summer weather.  Choose a carriage-style garage door that can withstand damage while still looking lovely.

That being said, a sectional variation of our steel carriage-style garage doors suits your needs the best. You get the curb appeal and design elements of a classic carriage style door with all the benefits of a modern, durable, insulated garage door.

Your carriage garage door’s style depends heavily on the decorative hardware you choose. You should carefully select hardware components like handles and hinges because they significantly impact how your garage door would look from the curb. For instance, if you choose rusted-looking hinges when you have a modern home, your garage door will stick out like a sore thumb.

Garage Door Service from Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities

When planning for a garage door installation, do not settle for less! Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities is your trusted choice for custom garage door services. We offer a wide selection of carriage-style garage door options so that you can find the perfect fit for your home. We also provide an expansive range of services, including installation of garage door openers, repair, and maintenance in the Quad Cities area. Contact us today to learn more about our unique offerings and how we can help you achieve the perfect garage door solution for your needs.

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