The Benefits of Installing a Composite Wood Garage Door

Composite wood garage door, have you thought about it for your garage door upgrade?  Any home can benefit from a wood garage door’s character and curb appeal. They are classic and beautiful but can be expensive. If you want the traditional appearance of a wooden door with some modern benefits, why not choose a composite wood garage door instead? These doors offer the same elegant look as traditional wooden doors but with some added benefits.

What Are Composite Wood Garage Doors

Wood composite is created by combining wood fibers with plastic and a binding agent, resulting in a natural fiber plastic composite. This composite is then adhered over a steel garage door, emulating the appearance of a wooden door without any upkeep.

Why Choose a Composite Wood Garage Door

A composite wood garage door can be one of the better solutions if you are remodeling your house or property and thinking about a new garage door. Here are some compelling reasons:

Composite Wood Garage Door are Strong and Long-Lasting

Composite wood garage doors are extremely durable, lasting longer than real wood ones. In addition, they are resistant to heat and humidity, making them ideal for use in all types of weather conditions. Most composite doors also feature a multi-point locking system integrated into the solid steel frame. It makes for a very secure door with the beautiful appeal of wood.

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Composite Wood Garage Door Is Resilience to Heat and Moisture

Composite wood garage doors are highly resilient to heat and moisture and resistant to bending, shrinking, and cracking. Homeowners who live in places that are humid or where summers are hot will love composite wood garage doors.

More Environmentally Friendly

As a garage door material, composite wood is an excellent choice. It is created from renewable resources, making it more eco-friendly than other types of garage door materials. In addition, composite wood doors are known to have a minimal impact on the environment during production.

Less Effort in Maintenance

The best part about composite doors is how little maintenance they need. All that may need to be done is the occasional hose-down or wash with a damp, soapy cloth—no need to worry about regular painting, weatherproof varnish, or sanding.

Function and Style at a Much Lower Cost

For many, the appeal of composite wood lies in its affordability. Fortunately, composite garage doors are much cheaper than solid wood ones, making them a great option for budget-conscious homeowners looking for an affordable way to update their homes.

Factors That Affect How Much a New Composite Wood Garage Door Costs

Planning to have a garage door installation takes more than choosing the right model and color option. A few factors will significantly influence the final cost of your project. So as you begin your search for a new door, it will be ideal if you consider the following things before making a decision.

Door Size

Because less material is used in a smaller one-car composite wood door, it will be less expensive than a bigger two-car door. And since you can purchase standard-size doors directly from manufacturers rather than placing a special order, they are typically less expensive than doors of unusual sizes or shapes.

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Additional Features

If you want to add an extra flair to your composite wood door, be prepared to pay a little more. A custom garage door with additional features like windows, wood trim, or decorative hardware will cost more than factory-ordered doors with basic paneling and trim. You will also need to factor in the additional labor costs of each added element.

Opener Type

Whether or not you need to buy a new garage door opener will also impact the overall cost. The price of garage door openers will vary depending on the type. Upgrading to a different type of opener with smart features, improved reliability, or reduced noise can all add to the cost.

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