The Latest Garage Door Decorative Hardware Trends

In this day and age, garage doors have evolved beyond mere functionality. It has become a canvas to express personal style. Making things look good and functional has always been the focus of the most recent trends in garage door decorative hardware. This blog will explore the newest styles of decorative hardware for garage doors. Learn how these small changes can have a big effect on your home’s curb appeal. Plus, read on to get ideas and tips to keep garage door decorative hardware in style.

The Latest Garage Door Decorative Hardware Trends

In today’s trends, decorative hardware on your garage door blends classic and modern designs. It gives you a lot of options for how to make your home’s curb appeal stand out. Now, let us look at some of the most well-loved styles.

Vintage-style Hardware

Vintage decorative hardware is often based on Victorian, Colonial, or Craftsman styles. Homeowners who want to add a touch of beauty and timelessness to their garage doors are turning back to hardware that looks old. With this style, classic details like ornate hinges and handles that look like they were hand-made are often used. To achieve an authentic vintage look, they often come in finishes that make them look worn, like oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, or distressed copper.


Rustic-looking Hardware

Rustic features are becoming more popular, especially in homes that have a country or farmhouse style. Homeowners who like this look often install antique bronze or cast iron hardware that gives their garage door a worn-out look. These pieces often have complicated designs, like scrollwork or hammered textures, that give the door more character and depth. There are also natural-looking shades like matte black and earth tones that make them stand out.

Minimalist Design Trends

The minimalist trend in home design extends to garage door decorative hardware. Homeowners who prefer a modern, clean look are choosing hardware with simple lines and few decorations. That could include straight handles, simple geometric shapes, and flat panels.

Most of the time, basic colors like black, white, and gray are used, as well as metallic colors like stainless steel and brushed nickel. Through this color palette, the hardware blends in perfectly with the door.

In some minimalist designs, the garage door decorative hardware is meant to be as subtle as possible. It includes garage door hinges and handles that are covered and flush with the door, making it look like it is one piece.

Modern Design Trends

Modern garage door hardware often includes bold geometric shapes or unique designs that stand out. It could be in the form of unusual handle designs, artistic hinges, or decorative accents. For a striking look, modern designs sometimes mix materials, like wood and metal or glass, with other materials. These are added to add more depth and make the garage door more interesting. Additionally, materials like stainless steel, brushed nickel, or chrome not only offer a modern look but also provide durability and resistance to weathering.

Smart and Functional Garage Hardware

In an era where smart home devices are gaining popularity, garage door decorative hardware does not fall behind. More homeowners now want hardware that not only makes the door look better but makes it more useful at the same time. They show particular interest in garage door hardware that has a purpose other than decorative. For example, there are smart locks controllable from afar and decorative lighting doubling as security measures.

Enhancing Your Garage Door Decorative Hardware

You might not know where to start with all the different types of garage door hardware. These are some important things to keep in mind when selecting the decorative hardware:

Choose a Style that Complements Your Home

When you shop for decorative hardware, think about the style of your garage door and what you like. Consider how hardware will fit in with the style of your home as a whole. For instance, a lot of decorative hardware looks like functional parts, like garage door handles and hinges.


Consider the Color and Finish

The decorative hardware should match the color and finish of your garage door. Lighter hardware can look great with a dark door, and dark ones can look great with lighter hardware.

Do Not Go Overboard: Keep It Simple

It is never a good idea to go too far with anything. Do not give in to the urge to add too much hardware or paint the garage door a bright color. Instead, choose one set of high-quality hardware that matches the color of your house and does not get in the way of getting to your garage door.

Experiment with Templates

Use templates or masking tape to try out different places before you drill holes. This step can help you see what the result will be and avoid unnecessary holes in your garage door.

Garage Door Hardware Must Be Installed Correctly

Each piece of hardware you put on your garage door should look good and serve its purpose. That is why installing the hardware where it makes sense is very important to keep in mind. For example, door handles should go where you would normally reach to open them, even if they are just there for decoration. If you are not handy, you might want to hire someone to install the hardware for you. Talk to a garage door expert about how to add door locks and handles to any style of garage door. Doing so will help you do it right and safely.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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