What Is a Garage Door Opener?

Garage door opener have become integral to every household and most businesses. And it is easy to see why: the motorized device allows you to operate the heavy garage door with just a few clicks. While the simplest model has been around since post-World War II, there are exciting options on the market. So before choosing one particular type, here are key things you should know about installation and garage door repair.

How a garage opener works

Garage door openers use a motor to control the movements of the garage door. Most models mount on the garage wall or at the top of the ceiling, with button controls or a single remote control to manage it. The latest openers can now be linked to your smartphone using an app.

It may surprise you how a ½ horsepower machine can lift your heavy-duty garage doors. It can be because the opener doesn’t do most of the heavy lifting. Instead, the torsion and extension springs carry much of the garage door’s weight. The garage door opener triggers and then contributes to the whole process of opening and closing the garage door.

Types of garage door openers

Chain Drive

Chain drives are commonly used to raise and lower garage doors. They work by attaching a chain to a trolley that runs along a rail. This system is perfect for thick and heavy doors, but it can be quite noisy.

Belt Drive

Belt-driven garage door openers have many advantages over chain-driven models. belts are usually made of stronger materials such as fiberglass, polyurethane, or steel-reinforced rubber, making them more reliable. Additionally, the reinforced belts create less noise when operating the garage door.

Screw Drive

Screw-driven openers are a type of garage door opener that ride on a threaded-steel rod powered by a motor. This design is claimed to require less maintenance than other opener types due to having fewer moving parts. However, screw-driven openers can be sensitive to temperature changes and may produce more noise than belt-driven openers. Recently, improvements have been made to address these issues. Additionally, screw-driven openers are among the speediest available, opening doors at 10-12 inches per second.


The Jackshaft opener is a great option for those who want to free up ceiling space in their garage. This opener mounts on the wall, leaving your ceiling open for other things. Not only is this perfect for garages with low headroom, but it’s also a great choice for adding tech or security features like smartphone or tablet control.

How long does a garage door opener last?

Your garage door opener is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home or commercial property. By proper use and upkeep, you can extend its lifespan to 10-15 years. However, keep in mind that your garage doors are among the heaviest mechanisms in your property.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

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