Benefits of Using Two Torsion Springs in Your Garage Door

If you have a garage door, chances are you have a torsion spring system that helps lift and lower your door. Torsion springs are wound up tightly around a rod above the door opening. When the door is opened, the spring tension provides lifting power for the door opener mechanism to help raise it open. Most doors use one spring, but some heavier doors may have two springs installed—one on each side of the center. So what are the benefits of having two torsion springs in your garage door? This blog will tell you more about this spring system. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Using Two Torsion Springs for Your Garage Door

Safety in the Event of Spring Break

Garage door springs are particularly susceptible to snapping after extended use or when combined with an older garage door and opener. Should a torsion spring system break, any weight the door held would be transferred to the motor. The door will then drop abruptly, resulting in a forceful impact. Should this happen while the door is moving, it could cause damage to the opener’s arm. That also applies should the spring break while the door is disengaged from its garage opener.

When a spring snaps, the tension device can cause significant damage or even trap someone beneath the door. Installing a second spring can reduce the risks associated with a broken tension device. The additional spring will support half of the door’s weight, making the door safer and less likely to cause injury.

Safety in the Event of Spring Break

Extended Garage Door Opener Lifespan

When two garage door springs share the load, it also takes some strain off the garage door opener. Of course, the motor still helps lift the door, but having two springs reduces the amount of weight the motor has to raise. That can help extend the life of your garage door opener by reducing wear and tear on the motor mechanism.

Value for Money

Using two torsion springs instead of a single one offers the homeowner added cycle life potentials due to counteracting forces. An example would be only being able to buy a spring with 30,000 or 60,000 cycles but not 40,000. Having two springs allows a pair of 40,000-cycle units at a lower price than the 60,000 versions while still having more cycles than the 30,000 option.

Longer Spring Life

Garage doors that use two torsion springs instead of one can distribute weight more evenly, enabling the door to be more easily lifted. That also lengthens the lifespan of the springs and reduces the need for garage door spring replacement from garage door companies.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

A garage door with two springs is more effective and secure than one with only one spring. That is because the door remains balanced, and there is less of a risk of failure. As a result, you save time and money on maintenance costs in the long term.

Is a Two-Torsion Spring System for You?

To ensure your garage door opens and closes reliably and safely, it is important to select the right springs. Consideration must be given to factors such as door size and opening mechanism. While a single spring may appear more economical, opting for a two-spring system will provide greater peace of mind.

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