Effective Ways to Maintaining Your Garage Door Seal

Do you ever think about the state of your garage door seal? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home maintenance. Yet, this flexible material keeps your garage dry and uses less energy. Have you ever experienced a garage door that does not close well? Water leaks, drafts, pests, and higher energy bills are all things that can happen.

So, how do you know when to pay attention to the seal on your garage door? What steps should you take to keep it in good shape? In this blog, we will give you answers to these questions. Discover simple steps to help you keep your garage door seal well. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or want to keep your garage in good shape, this guide is for you.

Understanding Your Garage Door Seals

A garage door seal is an important part of a garage door system. It is also called a bottom seal or weatherstrip. This flexible rubber strip, usually attached to the bottom of the garage door, keeps various outside elements from getting in. A tight seal between the door and the garage floor keeps the garage clean, saves energy, and keeps the things inside safe.

Types of Garage Door Seals

There are different types of seals for your garage door, each with specific purposes. These are the most popular types:

  • Bottom Seal: Also called a garage door threshold seal, installed along the bottom edge of the garage door.
  • Side Seal: Installed on the garage door sides to seal the gaps between the door panels and frame.
  • Top Seal: Also called an astragal or a header seal, installed along the top edge of the garage door.

How Your Garage Door Seal Works

These garage seals, made of durable materials like rubber or vinyl, are easy to install. This rubber seal is a barrier usually placed at the bottom of the door to stop drafts and dirt from getting into the garage. It also helps to insulate the house, lowering energy loss and noise, and protects against pests and water damage. They are also very important for keeping your garage and its belongings safe. 

Knowing how this seal works can help you understand its importance and keep it in good shape. That is why you should regularly maintain and replace these garage seals to keep your space safe.


How to Tell if a Garage Seal Is Worn-Out or Broken

Garage door seals can wear out or get broken over time, which makes them less effective. To ensure the seals work well, you need to know what a worn-out seal looks like from a good one. Here are some signs that your garage door seals might have:

  • Cracks, Tears, Holes, and Ragged Edges: Check for any clear signs of damage or wear. These are all common signs that something is wrong. These issues can let in water, bugs, dirt, and drafts.
  • Garage Door Gap: After you close the garage door, check where the seal is. Check the edges and bottom of the door. When there are spaces between the seal and the door or garage floor, this is a sign of wear or damage.
  • Water Infiltration: Check the inside of your garage for signs of water getting in after it rains. You might have a damaged seal if there are puddles of water or piles of dirt near the garage door.
  • Air Drafts: Close the door to your garage and turn off the lights. Look for small holes around the door. If you feel drafts or see temperature changes in your garage, it could mean that you have a broken seal.
  • Unusual Noise During Operation: A broken seal can make the garage door scrape or make strange noises when you open or close it.

How to Maintain Your Garage Door Seals

A properly maintained seal helps your garage door work better, saves energy, and extends its life. Here is a step-by-step guide to maintaining your garage seal:

  1. Inspect Regularly: You must do a visual check at least once every six months. If you find tears, cracks, and parts not stuck together, replace them immediately.
  2. Clean the Garage Door: Clean the seal well with a damp cloth and a soft brush. Clean any dirt or other things out of the seal.
  3. Apply Lubricant: To keep the seal flexible, simply spread a thin silicone-based lubricant onto it.
  4. Weatherstripping: Replace any weatherstripping that is broken or missing.
  5. Test the Seal: If gaps or uneven spots exist, you may need to adjust the door’s alignment or repair the seal.
  6. Seal Repairs: Fix small holes or gaps with sealant or glue for garage door covers. Apply and let dry as directed by the product.
  7. Seek Professional Help: If you see major damage or are not sure about the state of your seal, it is best to call a garage door technician. They give advice and help fix or replace things.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

To keep your garage door seal working, avoid these common mistakes involving your door:

  • Neglecting Regular Inspections: One of the biggest mistakes people make is not checking their garage door weather seal often enough. If you take care of minor problems right away, you can avoid bigger ones in the future.
  • Using Harsh Cleaning Products: Avoid using cleaners or chemicals that can make the seal material weaker or break it down.
  • Incorrect Installation: Incorrect fitting is a common mistake that can lead to a seal that does not work. Whether you are installing a new seal or changing an old one, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Ensure the seal fits well and is in the right place to work. For precise and expert installation, call a garage door pro in your area.
  • Ignoring Wear and Tear: Over time, garage door seals can become worn, cracked, or ruined from being used often and exposed to harsh weather. When you see major damage, you should quickly replace the seal.
  • Using the Wrong Replacement Seal: When it is due to change your garage seal, make sure you get the right type and size for your door. If you use the wrong seal, the barrier will not work, and you must keep repairing it.

Garage Door Service Near Me

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