When Bettendorf, Iowa, residents needed a new garage door opener, they called Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities for assistance. So we sent our technician right away for an ocular visit and to give an accurate estimate. After inspecting their garage, the client decided on a LiftMaster 8355W opener. They chose this belt drive opener for its quiet and maintenance-free performance. Thankfully, we had it in stock, so we completed the garage door opener installation job within hours. Our client was highly impressed with how well it worked and appreciated its new technological features. Smart, energy-efficient, and reliable—this is what a LiftMaster garage door opener is all about! This premium series opener is a great choice for their home, for it will surely provide optimum performance for years. 

When properly taken care of, a garage door opener can last considerably. The average lifespan is in the range of 10 to 15 years. Some have gone on for as much as 20 years or more with proper maintenance. However, older devices should undergo periodic updates for convenience and better security features. Newer models are far superior in security, safety, and overall convenience, making them worth the investment.

The Advantages of a Modern Garage Door Opener

Automatic Reversal System

Garage door openers have been equipped with a safety reversing mechanism for over two decades. Two sensors are used for this function, one on either side of the entry and mounted six inches off the ground. When an object or a moving creature is detected while the door is closing, the door quickly stops and reverses its motion. In cases where this feature fails or is not present, it would be best to ask a trusted technician to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Quieter Operation

Does the sound of your garage door opener give you trouble and those around you? Investing in a more current model can help resolve any issues with noisy operations. Not only will it reduce noise, but it could also bring peace back to your home.

Consider upgrading from a chain drive design when selecting a garage door opener. Chain drive openers are known for being loud, but newer models can offer some benefits in terms of noise reduction. A screw-drive or belt-drive garage door opener is an even better choice, which runs quietly and smoothly. A belt drive system is generally considered quieter than its screw-drive counterpart.

Better Security

Criminals can sometimes target garage door openers that are out-of-date. Why is that so? That is because their remotes are built with a single code. With the right equipment, someone could sit outside your property and find the code to open the garage door.

Meanwhile, the latest technology in garage door openers uses a rolling code feature. Whenever the system is used, this specific code changes. It creates added security to prevent unwelcome guests from entering your property.

Keypad Entry

The time when you needed a physical key to unlock your garage door is long gone. These days, many modern garage door openers include a helpful feature—the ability to add an external keypad that permits entrance with a code. You can buy this device for an existing system. Some even support fingerprint identification for added security.

Backup Battery

When an electrical blackout hits, it can be frustrating to find that the garage door opener is no longer working. Fortunately, modern openers have a battery backup system that kicks in when you do not have power. This feature will ensure your garage door remains operational even during a loss of electricity.

HomeLink® System

Technology has advanced so far that it is no longer necessary to have a remote control for your garage door opener. Instead, many new cars come with the HomeLink® feature, which can be programmed to work with your garage door opener. This program allows you to use controls within your vehicle to open or close the door.

Wireless and Smart Features

Modern garage door openers now have wifi and cell phone compatibility, making it possible to control your garage no matter where you are. You can monitor and operate your door with a phone, laptop, or tablet with an integrated app. Moreover, these openers have digital readouts displaying the time and current temperature. In addition, it has motion-sensing light control and can pre-program lock and unlock times.

Do you want to replace your garage door opener but do not know where to start? Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities has you covered. We come to you and offer a wide range of services, including garage door opener installation, repair, and maintenance. Our company has been known for repairing residential and commercial garage doors throughout the Quad Cities area for years. We provide quality service, and our emergency support is available 24/7. Please call (309) 808-7181, so you can explore the various services we offer.



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