Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities made the garage door opener installation much easier for a homeowner in Davenport, IA. Although they used their existing opener for over ten years, they have planned to switch to a newer model for quite some time now. After speaking to one of our experts, they learned that repairs would cost almost as much as purchasing a new one. Browsing multiple brands of openers led them to select a LiftMaster 84505R model due to its advanced security features. This belt drive opener also has an ultra-quiet DC motor for virtually silent operation. Thus, it ensures comfortable living spaces near the garage. Within a day's work, we installed it for them successfully. The household was delighted with this choice since it easily connects to their home network. Plus, with the myQ® technology, they can access and receive alerts about garage doors on their smartphones. As a result, the family can electronically protect their home against forced openings when they are away. Before we left, the client thanked us for our expert advice and speedy service. 


You usually do not look forward to replacing the garage door opener. Yet, not until this opener stopped working did most people give it a second thought. Garage door openers can stop working for many reasons. For instance, they can fail due to power outages, weather-related issues like ice or snow, and old age. If you are using an automated opener, take note of any suspicious sounds or malfunctions with its moving parts. 

Signs to Call for a New Garage Door Opener Installation

Here are a few clear indicators for replacing your garage door opener.


Do not disregard any vibration from a door opener, even though it may initially appear to be a small problem. Older motors with worn-out armatures or bent shafts tend to have this problem. Furthermore, the vibrations can loosen the mounting point of your door opener. It could cause it to drop off and crash on the ground or, worse, on top of your car. It is so heartbreaking to say, but you must replace your door opener as soon as possible.

Auto-Reverse Malfunction

When considering your garage door's safety, one factor you should not overlook is the reversing mechanism. Safety reverse sensors are mounted at the bottom of both sides of the garage door tracks. They sense objects that may be under your garage door as it closes. If anything interrupts its closing path, it will automatically reverse the garage door. 

Two sensors must be installed six inches above the floor to ensure this feature operates correctly. If this opener's reversing system is not working, we advise you to call an expert for repair and safety. 

Unusual Noise

The sound of a garage door opener often indicates its age and design. Traditional chain drive openers are notorious for producing loud, unpleasant noises. Over time, the noise they make can become unbearable. Change to a modern belt drive opener for quieter operation; it will operate more quietly. However, even with the latest openers, excessive sound may cause an alarm. In this case, you should contact a technician to find out the source of the issue.

Outdated Security System

Regarding garage door security, rolling codes are one of the best features of newer models. This coding system provides billions of combinations of possibilities each time it is activated. Thus, it ensures that hackers cannot break into your space. Check if your manufacturer and model have this safety feature in place. If you still use an older garage opener, we strongly advise replacing it with a newer, more secure version. That way, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and sound.

Unresponsive Garage Door

When the door fails to open in response to your remote or wall-mounted control, it is time to look closer at the problem. Start by ensuring the remote control battery is still good and has not run out of power. But, when that does not solve the issue, there could be a problem with your unit's wiring or logic board. In this case, investing in a new opener might be your best option for safety reasons.

Garage Door Opener Installation by Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities

A garage door opener is a great investment for your home or business. So if you are looking for one, let Titan Garage Doors Quad Cities help you make the best decision! We have a wide range of options — whether you are a home or a business owner, we can help you find the one that suits your needs and budget. From LiftMaster garage door opener brands and other trusted brands today, our experts can install it quickly and efficiently. With our expert team, you will never have to worry about how safe your garage door is. So give us a call today for free estimates!



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