The Benefits of Installing Garage Door Windows

Garage door with windows is one of the most popular home improvement projects in the United States. Installing window inserts is one of the most effective approaches to improving your garage door’s appearance. But, if you are considering upgrading to a new garage door with windows, you may question whether the added benefits are worth the extra cost and effort. Here are just a few reasons to consider upgrading.

Benefits of Garage Door Windows

Let natural light into your garage.

Nowadays, garages are more than just a space to park vehicles. They have evolved into a room for hobbies, storage, a workshop, and even a gathering spot for friends and family. Natural light is necessary for any living and working space, and the garage is no exception. Of course, a little natural light may go a long way if you only use the garage to park your car and store a few gardening tools. But letting more natural light into the garage can benefit you in more than one way.

Having natural light streaming into the garage eliminates the need to use the light every time you need to find something in the garage. It can save you on electric bills, especially if you spend much time in the garage. There’s also the benefit of natural light drying out the garage, which is notoriously prone to becoming damp and musty. Water from rain runoff and melting snow can collect inside the garage. Without a day of exposure to light to dry it out, you will be stuck with a smelly and wet interior. Allowing light through garage door windows will help reduce damp spots.

Add ventilation to your garage.

Many homeowners use the garage to store potentially hazardous items such as chemicals, paints, and other toxic products. If you do the same, window ventilation is essential. Without sufficient ventilation, working in the garage could become fatal. You can allow cross circulation by having two windows on opposite garage walls. The air will be drawn in through one window and expelled. If that is not possible, a garage door with windows open hydraulically is your next best option. These push-out windows will function as a circulating fan or vent.

Increase your home’s curb appeal.

The addition of windows to the garage improves its curb appeal as well. If you mind having windows in your garage for a little extra light, the next homeowner might. According to renovation experts, incorporating windows into your garage door can improve your house’s look from the curb and boost its value by as much as 4%. Because a minor improvement can go a long way, resale value can be a reason to install one or two windows in your garage.

Are garage doors with windows safe?

Structurally, garage doors with glass windows are safe as the overall stability of the door is not affected by windows. If you worry about the windows being damaged by inclement weather or shattered by a stray baseball, you can choose windows constructed of impact-resistant glass. The majority of garage door windows are located in the top row, above the average person’s line of sight. If you are worried about privacy, there are alternatives to transparent glass. Privacy glass or frosted glass is a good solution.

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