Wood Garage Doors vs. Fiberglass: Which One is Better for You?

There are many garage doors to choose from, but two of the most popular are fiberglass and wood garage doors. Of these two, which do you think is better for you? It is undoubtedly a question you can discuss when buying a new garage door. Since both materials have benefits and downsides, knowing which is better for your needs is crucial before deciding. We will also emphasize the significant distinctions. By the end of this article, you should have a solid notion of which material is best for you. Let us get started.

Which Is Better for You: Wood Garage Doors or Fiberglass?

That is a tough question because there are plenty of pros and cons to each. So let us walk you through each of them one by one.

Wood Garage Doors Provides Better Security

Consider the door’s weight and strength when choosing a new garage door. Although a lightweight fiberglass door is less expensive, intruders can easily break through it. In addition, some fiberglass doors include steel cores and offer more security than a comparable wood door.

Wood Garage Doors Provides Better Security

On the other hand, wood is known for its sturdiness. So wood garage doors are more secure by nature. In addition, wooden doors are more difficult to break through than hollow fiberglass doors.

Custom Garage Doors Are Possible for Both Wood and Fiberglass

For generations, wood has been regarded as a beautiful and elegant material. That distinct quality gives your home an upscale, timeless appearance. However, wood garage doors take customization to the next level with a wide range of color options and stains.

Similarly, fiberglass garage doors offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners. They are very versatile in appearance and can match perfectly with your home’s exterior. Additionally, fiberglass doors are available in various colors and styles. You can also order them with a faux-wood finish that is much more realistic than a steel door.

Insulation Properties of Wood and Fiberglass

Wood offers natural insulation from sound, heat, and cold. For example, wood garage doors are made with multiple layers of wood boards. Adding polystyrene insulation between layers of different wood results in a high R-value and makes for an exceptional thermal insulator.

Meanwhile, composite fiberglass door panels are energy-efficient since they are made of several layers of insulation. Insulation is injected between two sturdy frame materials that serve as the outer shells. As a result, these doors provide up to five times the insulating value of steel or aluminum doors.


Wood garage doors can benefit the environment if built from wood composite materials. They can be from a hardwood veneer or a forest managed for sustainability. Instead of discarding wood wastes, some companies use them to make wood composite garage doors.

On the other hand, fiberglass uses a small amount of energy in its manufacturing. Unfortunately, when a fiberglass door needs to be replaced, there are limited choices for recycling it. As a result, wood doors are a more environmentally friendly option.

As you evaluate the pros and cons, it ultimately comes down to a personal preference. For example, some prefer wood garage doors for their natural look and feel. However, you can support sustainable forestry practices by choosing a garage door from managed and sustainable forests.

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With wood garage door requires frequent maintenance. You might have to deal with it every year. And if there is wood rot or termite infestation, it might need an extra overhead garage door repair. Repairing dents, repainting, and patching and sanding the wood garage door will increase its lifespan.

On the other hand, fiberglass garage doors need little to no maintenance. For instance, painting is not necessary for this type of garage door. Fiberglass, however, is impossible to repair after it has been dented or shattered. So, it is better to replace the complete door to restore its beauty and security.

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