The R-Value of Your Garage Door: Why Does It Matter

Do you know what the R-value of your garage door is? We have all heard the term R-value concerning insulation. Unfortunately, not many understand what it is exactly and why it matters. Understanding the R-value in garage doors, however, can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Here is how an R-Value works and why it matters for your garage door.

What is R-Value?

In a nutshell, the ‘R’ in R-value stands for thermal resistance. This value is important because it indicates how effective a material is at insulating or how well it conducts heat. It is a standard measurement used in the building and construction sector to represent a product’s energy efficiency. 

Let us take a garage door with an R-16 rating, for instance. This number is calculated as a function of the thickness of the insulator and its physical properties. The higher the number, the better the thermal insulation. For example, an insulator with an “R-16” rating is better than an “R-12” rating.

What is R-Value

Why Is the R-Value Important in Your Garage?

When choosing a garage door, the door R-value is important to consider. This number reflects how effective a garage door is at keeping the heat in on cold days and out on hot days. It is crucial information depending on how you plan to use your garage space. For example, if you are to spend much time in their garage or have living quarters above it, you should be aware of R-values.

R-Value and the Insulation Type

Choosing the right garage door material is important for effective insulation. Insulation type, thickness, and density can also affect the R-value. Two popular materials for insulating garage doors are polystyrene and polyurethane.

Polystyrene Insulated Garage Door

An excellent way to insulate a garage door is with polystyrene insulation. It comes in the form of rigid polystyrene panels inserted between steel layers of your garage door. Sometimes, it is placed inside your single-layer garage door and typically includes a vinyl back.

Insulating your door with polystyrene between two steel layers will make it work quietly and efficiently. However, it is not as much as foam-injected polyurethane.

Polyurethane Insulated Garage Door

This form of insulation injects a polyurethane foam between the door’s steel layers, which expands to fill all spaces. Additionally, as the foam expands, it adheres to the door’s frame, enhancing its strength and reducing the risk of damage.

Polyurethane-insulated doors are your home’s most effective soundproofing and climate control. That is especially crucial in areas with harsh weather, where your garage door is probably your home’s main entrance. Clopay Intellicore® insulation technology uses energy-efficient polyurethane.

R-Value and Weatherstripping

If a garage door lacks effective weatherstripping around and in between the door components, its R-value is not worth much. In addition, the cold or heat will make the door less energy-efficient without adequate weather seals.

Insulated or Non-insulated Garage Door

Do you need an insulated or non-insulated door for your garage? The answer all depends on how you plan to use the space. To help you in making the best choice, consider the following questions.

Insulated or Non-insulated Garage Door

Is the garage part of the house or not?

  • A garage door with a high R-value is the best choice for an attached garage. 
  • For a detached and unheated garage, a lightly insulated or non-insulated door should be sufficient.

How do you make use of your garage?

  • Purchase a door with at least an R-16 value if you intend to use your garage as a living space, workshop, or home gym.

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